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  1. I shared this on a couple of Bruce Facebook groups yesterday. Fits this thread nicely, I think. So with apologies to anyone who may have tripped over it already: Some spoiler-free thoughts on Western Stars, about 24 hours after I walked out of the theater: Wow. My expectations were fairly high based on the buzz. But the film exceeded them. Let's start with the music. I said when the album came out that it was a crime that Bruce wasn't going to tour behind it, and I am even more crushed now that I will never be able to see it truly live. Playing a few songs on the next tour with the band will be great; playing all or most of them with an orchestra? It would have been amazing. We are lucky that this film is the next best thing -- the sound is stellar, the orchestra is phenomenal, and Patti adds an excellent new element. The overall sonic experience feels much like I imagine it felt for those lucky enough to be sitting in Bruce's barn when this was filmed. Now for the interludes. It shouldn't be a surprise that they are heartfelt and add a new element to our understanding of each song. After all, that's what both Bruce's autobiography and Broadway did, at a macro level. Here, Bruce lets you in on what was going on inside his head with respect to each song as the album came together. It. Is. Awesome. But Bruce shares a lot more than just the basic idea underlying each track; his introspection results in his sharing much of the wisdom he has gained over the last 70 years. I feel like I need to go again with a notebook so I can capture his exact words, but likely will instead sit back and soak it in again, saving my note-taking until the Blu Ray is available. Speaking of the Blu Ray, don't wait for it! I am sure I will enjoy seeing it at home. I am sure you will too. But the sound and the scope, particularly of the scenes shot out West, won't be the same at home. (Just like Broadway isn't the same on Netflix as it was in the theater.) So if you are anywhere near where it's being shown, find a way to go. You won't be sorry. It's great fun to see Bruce play with folks who are, for the most part, new to him. You can tell he enjoys it, and the looks on the faces of a number of the musicians when they suddenly fully realize that they are backing Bruce Springsteen is the kind of joy that is a wonder to behold. This all said, thank all that is holy that Bruce has publicly and repeatedly said that he intends to tour again. Because absent that assurance, this sure would have felt like a capstone to his career -- although what a capstone it would be.
  2. Thunder Road is the single greatest rock song ever written. Full stop. (Even if it isn't always my favorite Bruce song!) (Nick Hornby has a heck of an essay about it, even though he doesn't exactly think it's the greatest single rock song ever written: you can read it here.)
  3. Anyone else hear "Your Own Worst Enemy" at the beginning of (and a few other times during) "Chasin' Wild Horses"?
  4. Much more to say later, I think. But for now, I'll say just this: Bruce will be guilty of a major crime if he doesn't launch at least a short tour with a string section so we can here these tunes live.
  5. IMHO, this is the best of the bunch so far. At a more global level, I find it funny that reviewers are spending so much time talking about how Bruce sings better on these tracks than he ever has. Are they right? Sure; but so what? The music is *insanely* good. Any effort to compare these tunes to "rocking" Bruce is misguided. These aren't designed to rock the house; they are designed to be lovely. And they are so very, very lovely.
  6. It's, uh, fine, although I'm sure after 1000 listens I'll sing along with gusto like other songs I don't love. Hello Sunshine is much better and I sure hope the rest of the album is more like that than this.
  7. Anyone have a US link that doesn't require giving up tons of info about your Facebook account? Thanks!
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