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  1. Hello friends. There is an effort underway to put together - in advance of Thursday's onsale - a detailed chart of the theater for Springsteen on Broadway, with the price being charged for each seat. See here: If you were so lucky to get tickets, please share your Section (eg. Orchestra Left; Mezzanine Right); your Row; and your Seat Numbers. The date of the show is not important. You can do so via post here or reply to the tweet above. Thanks for your help.
  2. Twitter reports that the song was played specifically for him
  3. Bruce sold a similar number of tickets in Portland in both 2008 and 2002. I think the reunion tour show in 2000 was the last time he sold out a show there.
  4. Yes, I remember. That is the infuriating part of this process, the fact that Bruce's management can't be bothered to make one unified anouncement.
  5. There did come a point in early December 2011 at which Bruce's official site was updated with the entire list of the European 2012 dates. Was it technically a ShoreFire press release? No, but it was the first official announcement of the entire schedule. That is what is missing here.
  6. So the estimate of "Springsteen's gross" is just 1/3 of the total festival gross (if it's a 3 day festival)? Given that Springsteen incurs a fraction of his expenses when playing a festival, it would be much more accurate to estimate his festival FEE rather than the purported "gross" attributed to him.
  7. What's the source on those "estimated" festival fees? Eg. Jazzfest - $4.5 million? For a bill that Bruce's booking agent had to request that be added to? Notably, his fee was reported as "six figures" (