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  1. Wow, what an amazing idea. Needs to be looked at alongside this http://brucebase.wikidot.com/1974 unless you're looking for everything available (which of course i know some people are).
  2. For sake of clarity, it is the same end files with both links isn't it? btw I think the town has a typo in your second post but i am no expert on N. American geography.
  3. Fabulous ASCJ. Many thanks indeed. An 'A' list service! We do our Mothering Sunday at a different time a month or so earlier over here but Happy Mothers' Day to all Mothers, Moms, Mas, Mums, Madre and all out there
  4. This is the video that the same guys have done with their audience Wet Mix. From a quick flick through it, the audio is fabulous. Inevitably the 2000 video is a little blurry for modern standards but still really good.
  5. This new mix is getting a lot of praise. It would be great to see this appear here in due course.
  6. Thanks so much for this! I would not have thought to look back at this leg but it is a great series of shows. Well documented as always in http://brucebase.wikidot.com/2013
  7. Sorry This track is officially released on the Harry Chapin Tribute album.
  8. Sorry this track is officially released on the Harry Chapin Tribute album.
  9. I think it is this you're after? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Harry-Chapin-Tribute/dp/B000008E52
  10. Oops Just to note that the link is present in the replies that quoted the original post.
  11. These were added since January last year to the list above Won't You Ever Come Home Hunter & The Bear Paper Heart 2017 Flipside Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence [Bonus Tracks] 2014 Springsteen on the Radio Hot Left Pole Springsteen on the Radio 2020 Hell On a Highway Justin Moore Kinda Don't Care (Deluxe Version) 2016 If You're Drunk You Cannot Buy a Puppy Christine Lavin If You're Drunk You Cannot Buy a Puppy 2014 Lettre à Springsteen Stéphane Pilon Chansons de mèche 2018 If Springsteen Wrote My Life, Pt. 1 -7 Mikey Mason Tentacow 2016 Guest Appearance Br
  12. Thank I had not picked that one up. I have a fair few more added over the months. Must do another update soon
  13. This is nicely written. I think it’s the first time the third encore is identified as Rhythm of the Rain. Also no record to date of that song being covered before or since. https://gregmitchell.substack.com/p/when-i-rode-with-springsteen-to-my
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