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  1. This is nicely written. I think it’s the first time the third encore is identified as Rhythm of the Rain. Also no record to date of that song being covered before or since. https://gregmitchell.substack.com/p/when-i-rode-with-springsteen-to-my
  2. I wonder if it is this you are thinking of, but I don't have them The Rising Tour Rarities Vol. 1 & 2
  3. Has anyone got this? 2003-12-07 - CONVENTION HALL, ASBURY PARK, NJ I just got the following day from earlier in the week (Thanks to @mickb) and now looking for the one before. Thanks in advance.
  4. Many ways to cut it but I would favour 1) All officially released tracks including all studio tracks by recording date and released live tracks by performance date including covers and guest appearances. That would be hard work but then as a real labour of love 2) All tracks by date of recording, (studio or live) whether official released or not.
  5. So someone has done it for Dylan. Should we let the Bobcats beat the Tramps?
  6. I presume they are doing it as benefit for roadies who are laid off at present hence the chosen date? One Two / One Two
  7. Thanks for this! The file names seem to have a typo as they suggest this is 18th not 19th December?
  8. thanks for your efforts. Always appreciate a different angle taken to compile stuff. Just one piece of feedback for future if I may? Apple Macs hide files that start with a dot eg .Filename so it took me a while to discover where the unzipped folder (named ...And etc) had gone to!
  9. Thank you very much for that further clarification. Nice story about the signing too!
  10. Thank you I think that clarifies much of the uncertainty a great deal. Since I seem to have stimulated this latest loss of clarity, can you indulge me a little further? The show I asked about is a live recording of a multi-artist show (The Nebraska Project from 2006-01-14 Winter Garden Atrium NYC). Whilst this has been shared previously in these pages, it has not been on this occasion. I respect that one person has chosen not to do so. They decided this on the basis that many artists are involved not just Bruce. If that argument holds, are we to decline to s
  11. Ah I see thanks. I didn’t realise that! When put that way there’s a problem with any guest appearance I suppose. Does that affect both Bruce at other people’s shows and other artists at his? So therefore no benefit shows, VFC shows, amnesty tour, Eric Burden in Cardiff etc etc?
  12. Ok thanks. I accept that. Apologies but I don’t think I can get my head around what we can and cannot share. I have had a look back at the various comments about what can and cannot be shared. Maybe I’m missing something. I can’t see that this show has had an official release anywhere so I don’t quite understand what the issue is.
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