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  1. I'm glad you agree Ann. I thought I was going mad when I first listened to the netflix. It did detract from the power of the words. I am not averse to a bit of language myself but i thought this was an odd editorial decision given they filmed it twice.
  2. They did a fantastic job of creating some of the intimacy and even gave you a version of that which was different with the netflix film.But you are correct that being in that space with often unamplified voice was a level or two above. Also, as an aside, I thought the netflix film was way more sweary than in real life especially earlier on in the show which I put down to his nervousness.
  3. Interesting question Rachel Possibly need to consider each in the different medium it is presented so today it feels like this order is correct* (but other than SOB in theater which will remain top, it change by the day). The book is eclipsed by nearly everything in this list which he performs mainly because my in-head reading voice wasn't good enough to match up with, or completely ignore, his tonality that is inherent in the text. SOB in the theater SOB Netflix BTR on Audiobook WS in Film WS on Album BTR as Book SOB on Album * WS on live Album yet to be placed
  4. Had a great time last night. good to see Rachel again and meet both wild and innocent and does this bus stop Really enjoyed the film which adds to the album experience immensely. For me Patti adds greatly to Stones both musically and due to the lyrics. also nice tonality to moonlight motel. Those last four tracks together are a great suite of songs. Q&A ok but interviewer a little stilted. Bruce looking trimmer than when I last saw him on broadway just under a year ago. lets see how long this studio session takes. I’m hoping rather than believing in next summer for the tour until we know the album is recorded.
  5. Maybe Western Stars will be serialised to have another crack
  6. Thanks for the tip off. Heard it last week and am meaning to get it. Ready made addition. Had a few more lower profile addition recent months too. I will post an updated list soon.
  7. Aww Thanks It was very poor and, as a first intro to it, I doubt I’ll watch any episodes I am not in
  8. Guilty as charged. I did BROOOOCE which probably increased the Springsteen content by 20%. Great fun to be wallpaper. Lovely to meet the guys from here. Sarfraz outside before the show “ oh wow, they got real Springsteen fans to be in the crowd? “
  9. Standing next to Rachel it was obvious where the camera should land However I did not escape entirely My eagle eyed daughter saw my nose. It looks transposed on Saint in the city’s friend’s face!
  10. I'll try and catch up with you all at ABO if I can get away from work in time Probably the Asbury Park polo or Stone Pony polo for this one I think (I'm the one in my avatar who doesn't look like an L but have met Rachel in Hurley's and Camden)
  11. A couple of days a go Springsteen was about 40 miles outside London watching show-jumping So did he show up at the film premiere tonight?