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  1. Thank you! If you have a version with the pre-show in that would be great too.
  2. I was looking at some downloads from a while back and found that the copy of 2013-06-29 - STADE DE FRANCE, SAINT-DENIS, FRANCE appears corrupted. Anyone able to help me replace it? Thanks so much
  3. Looking for 1978-08-19 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA if anyone has any versions. Thanks in advance
  4. Six versions of 1978-08-19 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA are listed including Ed's incomplete master tape Interested to know what is the best quality version combining what Ed Sciaky had with other sources. Only Buckshot version has been rated so far in bruce in boots site Bu Hrubesh usually does a great job too. And does anyone have it/them who could say and or offer them up? 1 [no title]Ed Sciaky tape 2 How Sweet It Is Fanatic Records edit 3 How Sweet It Is (Hybrid remaster) Fanatic Records edit 4 The Jersey Devil Golden Stars Records 5 The Jersey Devil (Hrubesh) Golden Stars Records 6 You Might Be Dead Or At Least You're Ugly (Mixed Sources) Buckshot edit
  5. The opening sax has been certainly improved compared to the boot I have of this show! Eidit Sound is way better overall compared to audience recording. I don't have the soundboard people talk of to compare.
  6. Thanks for the dedication to this task! Could you re-post the list of the godfather titles please? I didn't download it the first time.
  7. this has the story as told to Rob Brydon. Another story told by Jimmy Carr here too
  8. Haha sorry to do that. I did post way back when but briefly again here. Btw auntie was very helpful in advising me as she had met up with Vini before (see her photos above) Suffice to say Vini was a true gent. In short I was lucky enough to time my visit when Carrie Potter was also there. It was just before an Upstage Benefit that Steel Mill Retro we’re going to perform at. I could not stay in US for the show so I asked Vini if I could visit a rehearsal. He kindly invited me but it fell through because half the band were stuck out on a deep sea fishing trip. Vini invited me over anyway. Carrie had a suitcase full of her parent’s pictures from club in the early days and we went through them with Vini chatting away about those times. One story was about monopoly games on the roof whilst the riots went on at street level and so on. Another story was about backstage with Black Sabbath I can’t remember detail of now. It was also Nice to see a Gold record with a musician who was responsible. I saw an early draft of the first chapter of the book but no idea if it’s progressing. It would be great if it did as it was magical to hear about those times of myth and legend to me.
  9. Asbury Park on the 18th Oct so a whistle-stop to UK the week before may get postponed i suspect
  10. Vini had been working on his for a good few years when I visited him in c. 2008 but I am not sure if/when it will come to fruition. I think he told me the title would be First Beat on E Street . He certainly has some of the most interesting stories of the early days.
  11. Looking by any chance for a couple of Patti Scialfa boot CD rips I'm A BIg Girl Now Some Things Baby They feature in a splendid story here: https://ametrano.net/foreverfriends/
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