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  1. What a year indeed. It was good to meet you there before the show. You were rightly well proud of the afternoon you had that day too!
  2. It is still there- tantalising and full of dead links http://crystal-dog.blogspot.com/search?q=wembley
  3. I have noticed that the Man's Job video clip is missing from Springsteen YouTube Inconcert/MTV Plugged playlist. Is there a known reason for this or is it an oversight?
  4. If any one is able to help I would be keen to get the Coup de Grace (JEMS/Hoserama) version of 1978-09-21 Passaic. NJ Coup de Grace (JEMS/Hoserama) as it reportedly has complete Tenth and Quarter to Three
  5. Stunning My recording had failed and I couldn't listen live so went to sleep disappointed and woke up to find this. Thank you
  6. You still can see it on BBC2, The Glastonbury Experience 8pm -9:30pm tonight (Saturday)
  7. http://backstreets.com/setlists2009a.html This has the detail I would copy here but it needs colour font to interpret as the asterisks are blue and red etc
  8. Has anyone got full video of 2009-06-27 Glastonbury by any chance? Much of it broadcast by BBC but no on their player site now. Given I was at this show front rail just of centre it is a special one for me. I thought I had it bit apparently not.
  9. The rest of the tracks will follow. Crystal Taliefero played sax on the tour. good article here https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/crystal-taliefero-interview-billy-joel-bruce-springsteen-john-mellencamp-1004252/
  10. NIce, thank you. I am now keen to get the first volume now ALL THOSE NIGHTS - Europe/USA 1992-1993 (CC # 338-39) Looking out for it reminded me that there was a great resource (years ago - Crystal Dog Blog) with the whole of the Cat's catalogue. Well it is still there but the link are all gone, gone,gone. I should have made hay whilst it was there...
  11. No he didn't . We are never allowed to forget he was there. If he had been immortalised in the recording he would be insufferable! (Whereas I would never mention that it was me that called out 'Santa" on Brixton Night to ensure we got to hear Pilgrim in The Temple of Love )
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