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  1. Bruce Springsteen Live at Sting 60th Birthday - October 1, 2011 - New York City's Beacon Theater
  2. Patty Scialfa consistently credited on the inner sleeve of Tunnel of Love on my UK release version at least.
  3. Cross posting this thread over there Not yet trawled it to see if there is anything new for me....
  4. Does anyone remember Arlen Schumer's Decalogue series ( 10 discs -8 CD/2DVD- with liner notes documenting the other side of Springsteen's careervia outtakes and live tracks with video of capitol theater Sept 19 1978 on the DVD)? It was a fabulous piece of work and Ithink he even tried to get JLM to consider it fro release back in the day. I though I had the CDs ripped but it turns out not. Does anyone have them?
  5. Have you seen any double sided posters for sale? I looked a while ago and couldn't track any down
  6. A few more I found today Daddy Aioli Interlude Yung Gravy Sensational Dunk the Funk The Fila Fresh Crew & The D.O.C. N.W.A. and the Posse Cheap Beer and Nicotine littleDEATH Cheap Beer and Nicotine - Single Oh Yes Matt Diesel Oh Yes - Single I Do Wild Rivers I Do - Single Real (Can't Fake This) Gomillz Still W.E.S.T. Used To Love Martin Garrix & Dean Lewis Used To Love - Single Jeg Kaller Det Frelse Sjøgress Jeg Kaller Det Frelse America Sarah Jane Scott Sarah Jane Scott Sl4ck Lens of the Past Lens of the Past Raised by the Radio The Reklaws Feels Like That Metamorflowsi TUSCO RAPimento Knife Holes A Gun That Shoots Knives Miracle Dressed to Digress Boy Crisis Dressed to Digress - EP The Clan Snitch Genuine Miami Beach Lax 'n' Busto Lax 'N' Busto Springsteen Lo-Fi-Fnk Website Download Sauvez les guitares Didier Barbelivien Créateur de chansons Free D.MON Untrained Untamed & Misguided - EP Chiediti di te Fast Animals and Slow Kids Animali notturni
  7. Thanks That's a good spot. Nice tune too. Yup I have that one in the list. Bruce is the Boss, Elvis is the King, Ol' Blue Eyes, he's the Chairman of the Board, and Dylan's the Muse.....
  8. I think that the negative post that I was quoting was dealt with adequately in the moment.
  9. I thought I would look at nugs site to see if there is anything more useful. Click the twitter icon there and it sends you to this link Conclusion: They are not best at communicating so we will have to wait.
  10. I'm glad you agree Ann. I thought I was going mad when I first listened to the netflix. It did detract from the power of the words. I am not averse to a bit of language myself but i thought this was an odd editorial decision given they filmed it twice.
  11. They did a fantastic job of creating some of the intimacy and even gave you a version of that which was different with the netflix film.But you are correct that being in that space with often unamplified voice was a level or two above. Also, as an aside, I thought the netflix film was way more sweary than in real life especially earlier on in the show which I put down to his nervousness.