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  1. If any one is able to help I would be keen to get the Coup de Grace (JEMS/Hoserama) version of 1978-09-21 Passaic. NJ Coup de Grace (JEMS/Hoserama) as it reportedly has complete Tenth and Quarter to Three
  2. Stunning My recording had failed and I couldn't listen live so went to sleep disappointed and woke up to find this. Thank you
  3. You still can see it on BBC2, The Glastonbury Experience 8pm -9:30pm tonight (Saturday)
  4. This has the detail I would copy here but it needs colour font to interpret as the asterisks are blue and red etc
  5. Has anyone got full video of 2009-06-27 Glastonbury by any chance? Much of it broadcast by BBC but no on their player site now. Given I was at this show front rail just of centre it is a special one for me. I thought I had it bit apparently not.
  6. The rest of the tracks will follow. Crystal Taliefero played sax on the tour. good article here
  7. NIce, thank you. I am now keen to get the first volume now ALL THOSE NIGHTS - Europe/USA 1992-1993 (CC # 338-39) Looking out for it reminded me that there was a great resource (years ago - Crystal Dog Blog) with the whole of the Cat's catalogue. Well it is still there but the link are all gone, gone,gone. I should have made hay whilst it was there...
  8. No he didn't . We are never allowed to forget he was there. If he had been immortalised in the recording he would be insufferable! (Whereas I would never mention that it was me that called out 'Santa" on Brixton Night to ensure we got to hear Pilgrim in The Temple of Love )
  9. He says "Yeah someone threw it back. "
  10. Thanks that was new for me. Really enjoyed it.
  11. This is a start with the official tracks by release date not recording date,
  12. I think what I am after would come from a complete version of On The Tracks - Timeline on the Brucebase Wiki which stops at the end of Darkness sessions So it might start: BABY I YOU CAN'T JUDGE A BOOK BY THE COVER HE'S GUILTY (THE JUDGE SONG) THE BALLAD OF JESSE JAMES MARY QUEEN OF ARKANSAS4 IT'S HARD TO BE A SAINT IN THE CITY GROWIN' UP DOES THIS BUS STOP AT 82ND STREET? HENRY BOY etc I agree with Scott that a "Released" version would be useful as would a fuller version with all circulating tracks on it.
  13. Yes I guess that is something to work from to build a chronological playlist.
  14. I have been enjoying the podcast that has run through Springsteen songs from A to Z by Rob Carmack and JB Clark (BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN SINGS THE ALPHABET- over the last few yeas. I also listen to Song by Song which does the Tom Waits catalogue in order of release by Martin Zaltz Austwick and Sam Pay ( Both are a good listen with a huge number of back episodes. It got me thinking of a blended concept: Has anyone produced a chronological playlist of Springsteen songs? It would need to include the released and otherwise available tracks to be worthwhile. I would not think it would be best ordered by release date. For me it would be better if chronological by recording date as close as possible so that you could enjoy the evolution of his songwriting career. If followed then The Promise box content would be shifted to live with the Darkness songs. Thoughts or indeed pointers to where this might already exist are welcome. If it doesn't exist and anyone is interested in picking this idea up in lockdown, it would great.
  15. Indeed and I have belatedly added it to my Songs bout Springsteen list. Everybody wins!
  16. Think it is in the title track of the album in fact
  17. Many thanks indeed. I know that I could probably have put together a play list equivalent to these compilations but its great to have it ready made and with liner notes too.
  18. Have not looked in here for a long while and just come back.What an amazing resource this is with grateful thanks to all who are so generous. I was rooting about and gather there are a couple of intersting collections called Slipping Away The West Not too sure of the quality or content. Anyone got these?
  19. Great to get this - Thanks. It made me realise there does nto seem to be a recording of any Broadway show with This Hard Land. Is this correct? Also I don't think we have the show with Two Hearts on 2018-09-28 do we?
  20. A cracking show. It was my first and rates up there the best of them. And it was the last for a very long time for Price You Pay.
  21. Bruce Springsteen Live at Sting 60th Birthday - October 1, 2011 - New York City's Beacon Theater