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  1. This was the first CD I ever purchased. Got it the day after I got my first CD player as a Christmas gift. Bought Sting’s first solo album on CD at the same time, so I guess it depends on which one the cashier rang up first. Great album.
  2. Free show in Atlanta during the NCAA Final Four in April. That ought to be pretty nuts. https://www.ajc.com/blog/music/taylor-swift-will-headline-free-atlanta-concert-during-ncaa-men-final-four/YNFi5AiW6rfCSFFDKgpkMM/
  3. SEC will beat each other up as happens every year it seems. Obviously either Alabama or LSU will lose this weekend. SEC Championship likely to be Georgia and Alabama IMO. Georgia probably could sustain one more conference loss and still make it to Atlanta. Hopefully it doesn't come to that.
  4. Childish though it may be, I'm really dying to see a Harper crying Jordan meme.
  5. That was one hell of a late season run by the Nats. Nearly unbeatable from late July on. Congrats.
  6. I didn't care for what I saw of Broadway on the Neflix special. Seemed self-indulgent to me. I can't see why anyone beyond us die hards would even be interested. Don't get me wrong. I am not saying it was "bad" or that Bruce shouldn't have done it. Just wasn't really my cup of. Watched it once, and that was enough for me. OTOH I love the Western Stars album. The movie - far from being a substitute for a tour - only made me wish harder that Bruce would tour with that material. It seems to me that WS is more where his head is at than with E Street at this point in time. I have a feeling the next ESB record and tour will seem a bit forced. Besides, Nils, Garry, Max, Steve, and Jake are all doing their own things these days. I'd like to see the band that was in the movie (maybe add Roy if he's available) doing a set comprised of the WS album along with some covers of select songs that show the influences Bruce was channeling. No war horses. Save those for E Street. But there are definitely some songs from his back catalog that could be reworked. I'd keep the show short by Bruce standards. One hour WS, 30 minutes covers, 30 minutes back catalog, maximum 2 song encore.
  7. Finally saw this last night. It was as good as I hoped it would be. Seeing Tom Petty talk about the correct pronunciation of Rickenbacker made me well up a little bit. Miss that dude.
  8. So much this. I really like Taylor. The Ryan Adams cover of the entire 1989 album highlighted the quality of the songs. I wish she would make some different production choices, but hey - what she is doing seems to be working for her. There is no reason for her to try to be anybody but herself.
  9. Kraftwerk were way ahead of their time. Hugely influential on 80s techno pop and club music to this day. This was probably their biggest commercial success.
  10. My preference below (in order). I think all eventually deserve to be in. Also, is Chaka Khan in as a solo artist? No sleep til the Replacements are in. T.Rex MC5 Thin Lizzy Todd Rundgren Pat Benatar The Doobie Brothers Kraftwerk Nine Inch Nails Motörhead Soundgarden