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  1. LSUG did a special on this with a discussion between Jakob Dylan and Andrew Slater. The played the original song and then the modern cover back2back. The album is really good. One of my favorites of the year so far. Doubt I will make it to the theater to see the movie, but look forward to it popping up on one of the streaming services or HBO or wherever.
  2. Trans Ams, Pontiacs, Oldsmobiles, Plymouths, Mercuries.
  3. Agree it was a great series. Saw a blurb the other day that Chernobyl unseated Breaking Bad for the highest IMDB audience score of all time. Before we get too carried away with bashing the Soviets for Chernobyl, I thought the parallels with the current climate change debate could not be more obvious.
  4. Sorry. I tried. I love my Mac, but honestly they are getting close to pricing me out. Almost $2K for what would probably be $600 for an equivalent Window's PC. Plus the need to purchase adapters and whatnot to connect anything to it. And don't get me started on the cost of installed storage. Hundreds of dollars - designed to drive you to paying for storage in iCloud. It is a sleek piece of hardware, but at some point it's just not worth the extra cash.
  5. It sounds like they are not getting rid of it for Windows. On a Mac you used iTunes to synch all of your portable devices as well as to buy movies, TV shows and books. They are basically dividing it into three separate apps: Music, TV, and Books. In addition they are moving the synch functionality to Mac's "Finder" which is the Mac equivalent of Windows Explorer. I think what they author meant by "mess" was that on a Windows PC you would still use iTunes to synch and buy non music content. They will probably figure out a change for windows eventually too. The bigger concern is that if you prefer digital downloads to streaming you will still be able to do that.
  6. This is some good stuff. From iDrop.com. https://www.idropnews.com/news/the-spirit-of-itunes-lives-on-in-apples-new-macos-music-app/107781/ ITUNES FOR MAC Apple’s Catalina Music app will still support your iTunes Music library, migrating the whole thing into the new app’s format while retaining all of your own music, your playlists, and your custom tagging. Contrary to what many feared, this isn’t just going to be a front-end for Apple Music, but will still offer all of the same music features that iTunes has for years, including importing your own MP3 files from anywhere, tagging your own tracks, building smart playlists, and even ripping your own CDs. Even Apple’s Genius Mixes feature has made the transition into to the new app. Although it’s less prominent than it was in iTunes, the new Music app also still supports the iTunes Store, so those who prefer to own their music rather than renting it will still have all of the same options, whether it’s buying CDs or purchasing digital downloads from iTunes or elsewhere, and iCloud Music Library isn’t going away either — all of your own music will still be synced to the cloud if you’re paying for Apple Music or iTunes Match, the latter of which doesn’t appear to be going away or even getting a name change (yet). ITUNES FOR WINDOWS: As we predicted, all of these changes affect only Mac users. Much to the chagrin of Windows users, iTunes is going to live on for that platform, continuing to be updated as necessary. This won’t be welcome news for those on PCs, however, as iTunes for Windows has long been considered an even more bloated and ugly mess than its Mac counterpart.
  7. You're account won't be obsolete. You would still need it to buy movies, or to sign up for Apple's streaming service if that is your desire. Besides the article Jim posted said Apple will still maintain it's online music store to buy downloads. And even if they did it there are a multitude of other online stores to buy digital downloads - we are all experiences with Nugs by this point I am sure. The reason I blamed the media is because Monday I saw several headlines along the lines of "Apple killing iTunes stranding millions of users." That was misleading at best if not an outright lie. I hate to say Fake News, but it was just that.
  8. Thanks Jim. The media has been pathetic in fanning the flames that suddenly user's music library would be rendered obsolete. They are basically just changing the name of the music portion of the app and making it so that you don't have to use iTunes to sync your devices or to buy movies (which never made sense to start with). Nothing to see here. But I would make sure to back up your music library before upgrading to Catalina just to be on the safe side.
  9. I agree about the horns and strings - especially the strings. But this song wouldn't sound out of place on The Rising with the brass and string parts played on synthesizer. I like the song a lot, and like the other two it is growing on me the more I hear it. It just seems more like something I have heard before compared to the other two songs.
  10. I was going to post something similar. This one seems like generic Springsteen - and I am not necessarily saying that is a bad thing. It's just less adventurous than the other two songs released so far. I like all 3, but I think I'd rank my opinion of them pretty much in the order in which they have been released.
  11. Would love to see this. I was - shall we say - slightly impaired when I was them on the original JT tour. BTW isn't that giant screen the same screen they used in the Innocence & Experience tours only laid out across the back of the stage instead of down the middle of the arena?