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  1. This just came out. IMO it is The Last Waltz level great. Excellent father's day gift idea.
  2. @Jimmy James Most people who are “Jeep people” are more accurately Jeep Wrangler or CJ people. Cherokees and Patriots are pretty much run of the mill SUVs. Wranglers have legit off-road capabilities and actually hold their value very well. Part of that is that the body style rarely changes. A 2021 two door Wrangler looks nearly identucal to 2010 TD Wrangler. Here: https://www.kbb.com/best-cars/best-resale-value-off-road-suv/ Predicted Resale Value After 5 Years of Ownership: 57.6%
  3. Check out some of the recent lineups for the Newport "Folk" Festival.
  4. And somehow my avatar got changed while I have been away. I didn't do it. lol
  5. I remember you back in '72 with your David Bowie hair and your platform shoes... I was eight years old and had barely even scratched the surface of the music I would love for the rest of my life. Two years later however...
  6. I just felt they were all - to a person - incredibly selfish. Noah’s behavior was always horrible even if he was falsely me-tooed. And what he did to that PA on Sasha’s movie was incredibly reprehensible. Of course there was some redemption for him in the end, but I found it bitterly ironic that he was the last character standing and almost dancing on their graves. I wonder if the writers intended that irony?
  7. I was not going to watch but ended up sucked in. The first half of the season was pretty cringey - has any show ever had so many unlikable characters? But they totally stuck the landing. Last two episodes were perfect.
  8. I agree the seats are uncomfortable. Church pews basically. Surprised the sound quality was bad, but perhaps that was more to do with the engineering than the venue. Love Elvis, but did not see him on this tour.
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