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  1. The Ghost Of Tom Joad Thunder Road Darkness On The Edge Of Town Factory Nebraska This Hard Land
  2. I wouldn't have guessed you'd be so put out about it. Oh Roy, you're so cute!
  3. I can't stand that hat. I found it very distracting how he kept messing around with it.
  4. I prefer my Bruce no strings attached. Except guitar strings, of course.
  5. I'm of the opinion the vocals were studio dubbed.
  6. Well I got through it. I'm not a fan of Western Stars. I really didn't want to see this as much as I wanted to have seen it. Towards the end I started to think of Rattle And Hum and how U2 took so much criticism for that movie having an air of self-importance and pretentiousness. Yeah, I just spontaneously thought of that. Maybe it was Bruce's wise sage pontificating and reverent oh so serious close ups of his face. Seemed a bit heavy handed. No disrespect intended to all of you who loved it. I've still got the first four albums for solace.
  7. Then I'm obviously not a real fan.
  8. Of course speedball is a baseball term. Just like when a runner gets to the base before the ball the umpire yells "Secure!"
  9. Gone at 87. Somewhere he's still rockin' the Cosmos.
  10. I'm not going inside that tunnel. It's a dark ride.
  11. Interesting, never thought of that. But is a pretty common three note descending phrase.