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  1. You should report yourself to HR. That'll learn ya!
  2. Winterland had a B&W house video system. Some of them (not Bruce I suppose) are available at Wlolfgang's Vault.
  3. A very possible explanation, but it's no excuse. If someone did push things up just here and there a featured soloist should be one of the here's. I find it a bit shoddy.
  4. Perhaps you just stunned everyone. They may be heating tar and gathering feathers right now.
  5. A question for those of you who think the Living Proof vocal is so bad. What do you think of the Born In The USA vocal? Because it's pretty raw and scratchy. In fact I think both of them are good examples of his rough rock delivery. I swear, sometimes I think you guys are just nuts.
  6. I looked up DiskFresh and it seems to be a free download and a $25 commercial license version. If you have the free one did it have any adware?
  7. Wild Billy obviously. Would've made a classic album that much better.
  8. That is so important. If any of don't have everything backed up, do it today! I've had hard drive failures and know the consequences.