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  1. I've been away and haven't checked this board for over a week. What happened to the July release? Was there an announcement of another delay?
  2. Are you saying that horns should never be on any Bruce songs? Yes, I agree with that.
  3. Jungland might be good. Nah, just kidding. No Surrender is a straight forward three chord song but I would change the key from F to something more guitar friendly like G or A.
  4. Well I'm hoping some of his "lost albums" are better than some of his more recent "found albums."
  5. When this ranking thing started I was labeled a Newbie, despite registering in 2003. Now I see I'm Proficient, despite a popular Laker calling me a troll. Maybe now I'm a proficient troll. Yay!
  6. Haven't seen this a long while. Still cringe worthy.
  7. I have a tendency to quickly look at titles and misread them. At first glance I saw "Bruce helping the stinking miners." I'm glad that wasn't really it.
  8. That's why I play guitar, far less drool. I'm not saying none, just less.
  9. You say you finally cleaned up your room? Good girl!
  10. OK, what 3 consecutive notes did Bruce play that were the best...., oh crap, I can't go through with it. It seemed funny at the time. Sorry.
  11. There you go. I'd like to add Greetings but the parameters don't allow it.
  12. You didn't ask me but I'll answer anyway. No, I don't.
  13. It was from being sixth caller at a radio station and winning the album.
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