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  1. It's just too bad it sounds like you're listening to it from another room through a closed door.
  2. It was nice. Exactly what you'd expect for a solo outing. I would rather he had worked something up with John Batiste.
  3. Album, no question. I had hoped Letter To You would be it, but no. I would love to have one truly great last album. I'm not optimistic but I'd love to be surprised.
  4. What if the Union army had dinosaurs instead of horses? A what if speculation has to have some sort of probability.
  5. Maybe they're setting up for "Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band." Yeah, that would show blood brother solidarity!
  6. OK. I don't know who Jimmy Barns is and I'm not looking it up.
  7. Nothing wrong with it at all. Nothing outstanding either. My only issue is I've never had any use for John Mellencamp. Never cared for his predecessor John Cougar either. Or that transition guy, John Cougar Mellencamp. It is just fine but I don't need to hear it again.
  8. I've seen so many times folks here say a Bruce song brought them to rears and I'm never sure if they mean it literally or just metaphorically as a feeling of emotion. But if you guys always mean it as waterworks running I'll tell you this, y'all are a teary bunch.
  9. I didn't understand it ether and I speaks real good English.
  10. As WC Fields said, never work with kids or dogs, they'll upstage you.
  11. During the peak of my tape trading days I traded for this a couple of times hoping for a listenable version but I just couldn't get through them. As mentioned before there is no reason to believe that it was pro recorded. What a shame.
  12. Oh my, I wasn't sure if I should reply to this but you did ask for all opinions. The bottom line is I listened to it a couple of times and that was enough. I mean it's just fine but it wasn't the fandom re-awakener I had hoped it would be. But my fandom had been slipping for some time. High Hopes was a turning point. I wasn't real fond of the several previous albums but that really lowered my hopes. I will always love the first four albums (and Nebraska) but since then it's been song by song hit and miss. I became an adamant fan in 1978 and remained enthusiastic for years but I have to realize that it just isn't working anymore.
  13. I've been away and haven't checked this board for over a week. What happened to the July release? Was there an announcement of another delay?
  14. Are you saying that horns should never be on any Bruce songs? Yes, I agree with that.
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