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  1. 8 hours ago, stillilllife said:

    Side note, but I (as a non-native English speaker)'ve never understood that thing where one ends a sentence with the word mind as in the quote above. I'm sure it's gramatically correct but to me it just looks weird somehow. I think I get what it means in this context, but I don't understand why it's supposed to be the last word of the sentence and also without a comma. Can you/anyone explain?

    I didn't understand it ether and I speaks real good English.

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  2. 20 minutes ago, Promise61 said:

    I know this may be a quirky thing, or P61 is at it again, but threads over the years relating to this incredible show come and sadly go with relatively few responses.

    But, start and pin a thread about Laker's cats and dogs and it stays number one in the hit parade, pop pickers.  Go figure.

    As WC Fields said, never work with kids or dogs, they'll upstage you.

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  3. Oh my, I wasn't sure if I should reply to this but you did ask for all opinions. The bottom line is I listened to it a couple of times and that was enough. I mean it's just fine but it wasn't the fandom re-awakener I had hoped it would be. But my fandom had been slipping for some time. High Hopes was a turning point. I wasn't real fond of the several previous albums but that really lowered my hopes. I will always love the first four albums (and Nebraska) but since then it's been song by song hit and miss. I became an adamant fan in 1978 and remained enthusiastic for years but I have to realize that it just isn't working anymore.

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