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  1. Would Patti remarry? And if she did would she play If I Should Fall Behind at the reception?
  2. As I recall there used to be. When I joined in 2003 I posted and was advised to introduce myself in the new members thread. Any old timers remember that or do I just have old timers memory?
  3. In my life (at least since 1978) I have been the most ardent Bruce fan of anyone I personally know. But compared to probably everyone on this board my fandom is humbled. I'm a fan, I'm not obsessed.
  4. I'm glad you put "arguing" in quotes because I consider it discussing. And I consider discussing sound quality of various releases of much interest. As long as it's kept civil I like contrasting opinions.
  5. It never occurred to me that was about Sting.
  6. I couldn't get tickets so I wasn't there but I recorded the broadcast as it happened so I always felt I was kinda there.
  7. Well since both is an acceptable answer I'll say a steadfast...neither.
  8. Now I work down at the carwash where all it ever does is rain.
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