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  1. Well, he's not perfect. Just my theory.
  2. There's a whole bunch of stuff on Lost Masters that is non essential. A lot of bad sound quality rehearsals in repeated takes. For completists only.
  3. It's a song, it can be done anyway you want. I have always wanted to play it with four piece, bass, drums and two guitars. There's no law of physios that says it must have keyboard or horns.
  4. Ax and the Hatchetmen, I like that name. If they're going for wide crowd recognition then Dancing In The Dark is a good choice. If they want something less known I think Spirit In The Night. would work.
  5. What is it about Bruce fans and crying? For cryin' out loud!
  6. Well then, I guess you're not really committed to the concept. Harrumph! Seriously, nice work.
  7. I would counter that those two don't work in any form but I wholeheartedly agree that many things Bruce does in the name of showmanship work live but become ponderous as recorded music. And I've railed on about this before so I am ponderous as well.
  8. Glad to have this in pro quality. I have only listened to a few samples but it is way better that the boots. So many sources raved about "Prodigal Son In The City Of Angels" but I never thought it was so great. If you have that one just listen to The Ghost Of Tom Joad. During the song you can hear the crowd. I don't mean cheering, you can clearly hear them chatting. That's what you get with aud/sdb mixes. A lot was written about that boot sounding like a pro release but I always thought it was substandard. So I am quite pleased to get this new one. Audience recordings suck. Audience recordings mixed with sbd, ald, ald also suck. I want to hear the music, not the chatting crowd.
  9. Interesting Darkness On The Edge Of Town fact, of the 10 songs only three feature a saxophone solo. And of the 43 min album the total sax solo time is less that 1 minute. What's my point? I dunno. Just thought it was interesting.
  10. Love Backstreets, love the '78 tour. But I don't like the Sad Eyes thing. And it's not the ending. That might have been OK. It's before the ending and mucks with the flow of the song. Science proves it! I'm not sure how, but it does!
  11. Oh boo hoo. He never gave the band a proper name so whatever anyone calls it is fair game. Personally I call it the Whatchamacallit-Thingymabob-Dohicky band.
  12. I don't think it's ever been mentioned but the sound on that DVD was really bad.
  13. Self-proclaimed king of pop, but rock? You'll have to fight me for that one.
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