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  1. Please indulge my curiosity. This is available in pro sound. Why would you want an audience recording?
  2. I'd go with something from "75. I generally love 78 but they have that momentum killing Buy You Some Shoes thing.
  3. The Pinkrobert site is running on fumes. He used to ask for donations then it became a pay site but it's been over a year since he cut it loose. He said it would run just until what was already paid ran out but it's still there and functional for me but I've been a member for years. Maybe it's not available to new users. Every time I check in there's users online. It was a great resource, I'm sorry to see it fall into decline but nothing lasts forever.
  4. Most of the ones I've heard just sound like a slightly modified audience. But I'm not a big fan of audience tapes so I'm skewed that way. Skewed t I tell you!
  5. That's a nice acoustic version but I wouldn't call it country. I believe it was played on the Reunion Tour with Nils on pedal steel. More countryish, countryulur, countryfied.
  6. 9. “Lost in the Flood”: November 22nd, 20009 – Buffalo, NY I can't put my finger on it but something looks wrong about that date.
  7. I wonder if he just samples a few songs, sets the levels and then runs the whole thing through as opposed to mixing each track individually. That would account for some songs not being optimal but would be a lot faster and cheaper.
  8. Oh I agree the SoB Born To Run is superior but "at the end of the day" is such an overused, cliched phrase that, well, it just is. It should be stricken.
  9. Wow. OK. I'm trying to sort this out. Everyone has different opinions. But seriously comparing this to an archive release is just unfathomable to me. Obviously you have downloaded it and I have only heard the samples but I consider it unlistenable. And yes, I have audience tape trading experience. So Twink, we'll just have to chalk this up to difference of opinion. Wow.
  10. Thanks for the head's up but it's still just audience. I'll continue to hold out hope for an Archive.
  11. Thank you murmusic. I love me some darkness. I have American Madness and after checking out a few songs I think they are of about the same sound quality but it would take a lot of comparative listening to really know. But the Godfather box has some more songs and I like the way it's organized better. American madness is kind of random. Much appreciated.
  12. If someone has information about this I would like to know also. I have the Lost Masters Darkness and the EV2 American Madness set but I don't know if Godfathers is any better. Anyone know?
  13. Thanks mumusic. However this is IEM?AUD, the other one claimed just IEM. I'm not a fan of audience recordings and to me most IEM/AUDs just sound like slightly modified audience but I will check it out. Thank you. Follow up, I downloaded this and it opened perfectly. I have only previewed a few bits but it sounds quite good. Not as audience-y as many matrix mixes are. Thanks again mumusic. I still would have liked to have heard the straight up IEM.
  14. Still no go. I guess I just can't get that one. Bugger.
  15. Well, that's what I've already done. And I have opened a rar from another source just days ago and that worked. I'll try downloaded yours again and give it another try.
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