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  1. Or is it a 9/11 conspiracy perpetrated by the Lunar Mole People who don't want you to have a Rising show? All I'm saying is don't rule it out.
  2. That and two dollars will buy you a cup of nothing. Spin on.
  3. Hey Paolo, I just want to send a big thank you for all your reviews. I have collected a lot of music data over the years on Dylan, Young, Bruce and many others and I am always so glad that somebody else will do all this work for me and all I have to do is copy it. So when I get around to making my River Tour compilation I will refer to your extensive reviews as a guide, even though I don't always agree with you on specific songs it will still be a treasure trove of information. Rock on Paolo!
  4. Oh I see a problem. The audience bit on the last release was just a patch at the end. What you're suggesting is the complete show. I have to say a substantial difference.
  5. How come you can't delete your own post now? Oh yeah, upgrade.
  6. I started this up and was really digging the guitar intro, until he said "Horns!" Take out the horns and the "choir" and make it just a rockin' guitar song and it would be a pretty good version of a song I don't care for all that much. So in summery.....harrumph!
  7. Personally I always refer to you as he who shall not be named. It's just a thing I do.
  8. But anything Sirius plays is lossy and kind of flat sounding.
  9. Considering that there's the official live album/DVD and New Orleans Archive just how different would another Sessions show be? Maybe a couple of songs? I hope no time soon.
  10. Why would anyone not want a show released that they attended?
  11. Yeah, I could hear it in his tele tone. Just ruined it for me.
  12. So many of you are hoping for a Rising show but not me. I don't really care for the tour, largely because much of the album is played and I don't care much for the album. But a lot of people want it so good luck with that. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of, well, me.
  13. Yeah, them damn opinions! I'm a-gonna fetch my scatter gun and fill their hides with rock salt!
  14. I feel inclined to complain about that but....nah.
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