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  1. You say you finally cleaned up your room? Good girl!
  2. OK, what 3 consecutive notes did Bruce play that were the best...., oh crap, I can't go through with it. It seemed funny at the time. Sorry.
  3. There you go. I'd like to add Greetings but the parameters don't allow it.
  4. You didn't ask me but I'll answer anyway. No, I don't.
  5. It was from being sixth caller at a radio station and winning the album.
  6. Horns on Adam is like ketchup on prime rib. You can choke it down but that's not the way it's meant to be.
  7. I have Darkness that says "Promotional Copy-Not For Sale." Probably not too rare.
  8. Good point. But I have to think Bruce and Landau made some agreement beforehand about their use. There had to be things signed in advance. The Clearmountain thing seems to be an independent production. Of course JLM would have had to sign off on the use of the tracks. All guesswork.
  9. Oh I have no doubt it would be worth including but have they ever included an outside production in a boxset release? Me and my dollar stand firm.
  10. Well yeah but that was with Springsteen and Landau and done specifically for that project. This seems to be a series featuring different Clearmountain mixes and you have to pay to watch all of it so Bruce Inc. would presumably have to pay to include it in the box and do you think they would do that? I still bet a dollar (yes, a whole dollar!) that it won't be in the box.
  11. I doubt that will be on in the boxset. That's it's own production. The river box didn't have anything like that. No one else interviewed, just Bruce. That kind of variety would have been quite an improvement. But I don't expect it.
  12. That's very unfair. The fact is you can't hear her guitar in the stage mix and commenting on that fact is not f--- chauvinistic.
  13. And how do you know? Is it rumor, is it reliably confirmed. As far as I know you're just citing hearsay.
  14. Sounds familiar. Is that to do with Lou Reed? I don't know the story there.
  15. Oh. So you're saying that it's common for artists to do a "guest" vocal on another artist's record but it's really an imposter. And you're saying that Bruce has done this before. Since you seem to have music industry inside information could you give us some examples?
  16. There you go. The thing I don't like about the sanctimonious, elder statesman thing is it's supposed to make the pitchman thing seem more acceptable. "See, I'm saying good, sensible things while I'm getting paid to hawk a product."
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