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  1. If by "scuttlebutt" you mean pure speculation and wishful thinking then that's about right.
  2. If you say so. I'm sure your reliable sources wouldn't lead you astray.
  3. Well, can someone put that up on the Bootleg Share thread? Or did I miss that one?
  4. A great resource. And easy to use. If you want bootlegs check this out.
  5. Yeah I think that peeled away long ago. How else to explain the dreadful sound of the Barcelona DVD?
  6. I've heard a small number of audience recordings that are surprisingly good. But for the most part I don't like them. Even on the ones that people say are "amazing" I can hear the distance. And as soon as I hear clappers around the taper that sound closer than the music they lose me. There's an old saying that life is too short to drink cheap wine, well I feel that way about poor audio. But in all fairness, I will drink cheap wine.
  7. Well then, after they see this I am sure they will scrap whatever plans they have and scurry to fulfill your request. Yes, that is what I am sure of.
  8. I don't think I've ever seen a picture of Steve when he didn't look like he was posing.
  9. But while he is in that residency and with all the press it has brought him it seems like a no-brainier to release an album. I don't mean of the Broadway thing, just a new album. It just seems like a good business move
  10. And if we're getting nit-picky about overused phrases, everyone should stop plastering "at the end of the day" in everything! And don't even get me started about the word "basically!" Sorry, my evil twin posted that.
  11. Well, more accurately don't we get a barrage of optimistic guesses and wishful thinking? Has there ever been an actual "rumor" that panned out?
  12. I did a search and I think it starts at 8:00 PT. But with Neil you never know. I'm just going to watch the site and hopefully there will soon be an announcement.
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