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  1. I'm in the same time zone, I'll have to check out the live stream. It's supposed to be without rehearsal so I would expect a pretty standard Crazy Horse set list. But from what I know of Nils he will do his preparation. Nils has played Danny Whitten's I Don't Want To Talk About it at his shows before so it would be cool if they throw that in. So glad they're streaming it.
  2. With rars I just right click. They self extract. You just choose "Extract Here" or another location.
  3. I've grabbed a lot of stuff from there. Many different artists. Very useful.
  4. That's very cool. I just recently listened to some of the1970 Crazy Horse album. Classic, underappreciated stuff.
  5. I'll get right on it. Not that I have any influence, but still.
  6. Hey, thanks for out-sarcasming me. And sorry for having an opinion.
  7. Wow, an acoustic, angst-ridden cover of Dancing In The Dark. What a bold choice.
  8. They did that with Dylan's album collection, 2 disc Side Tracks. it should just be there.
  9. Dude, I don't agree with you on everything but we do have that in common. Testify brother!
  10. Yes, abandon all hope. I think you are being punished for your wickedness.
  11. And just how does one go about making a guess realistic?
  12. I would say the two are completely unrelated. Led Zep at that time was a huge money making machine and Bruce & Co. were still getting nationally established. I wouldn't draw ant comparisons between the two.
  13. Is there any reason to believe, other than hopeful optimism, that it was pro taped?
  14. I'm pretty much that way about Bruce's first four and Nebraska.
  15. I rarely sit through audience tapes so a pro version of this would get my approval.
  16. My sources on the street say that Wembley 2002 would be a popular choice.
  17. Not unless they remix it from scratch because the DVD doesn't sound very good.
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