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  1. No kidding. It's a showboat, showmanship, grandstand thing. I suppose it's great when you're there but I don't know how anyone can listen to it regularly. And it's more like 18 minutes.
  2. I heard a rumor from a reliable source that there will be a release of some show that Bruce definitely played on some Friday of this month. But you didn't hear it from me.
  3. I would guess it's restricted to whatever they choose to do.
  4. Many times I would prefer compilations. I know people are all hung up about full shows but a comp can give a better selection of songs than most full shows. It would take more work to put together so it won't happen but I would like it.
  5. GOTJ, full band, no Morello. I wish that was on one of the Nugs.
  6. What I don't get is, why don't you get this? Do you think everyone should be of a group mind and agree on everything? People have different opinions and this is a discussion board and people should be free to discuss, and differ. When people "complain" about musical issues that's just voicing an opinion. When people complain about others expressing an honest opinion I can't help but think that's "whining."
  7. Oh man, Dead Mexican Suit really nails it. And that's what bores me about much of the Joad album. Galveston Bay, The Line, Dry Lightening, and others I consider well written songs for what they are but also exceedingly dull. Well written and dull, odd combination. Agree about Freehold and Asbury. Those shows were fun, quite different than the dirge much of the tour was.
  8. I could do without the falsetto vocal thing at the end. When I put together my custom Joad show I'll do a digital snip.
  9. What puzzles me is why anyone would get this in HD audio. Mastering can help but you're never going to get more fidelity than the original cassettes can deliver. It's like taking an '80s VHS and putting it on Blu-ray. That won't make it hi def. But you can lose fidelity so I do recommend lossless.
  10. Wow, you must be a saint. But for some reason Bruce and Columbia allows boots to be played on E Street radio. Bruce is such a lawbreaker!
  11. I agree and there's a reason for that. The 2014s were, in my opinion, deliberately mucked up. I say that because at the time I found a quote from one of the sound crew explaining how they mix the shows and then "bring up the audience mics." So they took a perfectly good soundboard and gave it a audience tape vibe, making them sound more distant. These '77s are what I would call a classic soundboard, direct from the mixer and the only audience you hear is what's picked up from the stage mics so the music sounds more direct, like it's right in front of you. In fact I'm surprised I haven't seen any complaints about that, I know a lot of you guys like a lot of crow noise but I prefer to hear the music first and just enough audience to know they're there. As far as remixing the 2014s it would be nice but I doubt they would do it now. And it would kind of piss off people who already bought them.
  12. Somebody must have been very careful with these cassettes for them not to have leaked into bootleg circulation when so many others did. I didn't think there were any '77 soundboards made so this is a very nice surprise. But I wouldn't expect the original tapes to sound any better than any of the other '70s cassette soundboards so it will be interesting to see what modern mastering can do.
  13. There sure have been a lot of days with no new album. I'd bet a dollar there will be more.
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