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  1. There sure have been a lot of days with no new album. I'd bet a dollar there will be more.
  2. I find it odd that you keep track of such things. But I have to admit that I find you adamantly fanatically dedicated fans a bit odd. Not that there's anything wrong with that!
  3. Sometimes a simple little riff really hits the spot and you can't think of the song without it.
  4. Well, try it in a bunch of different languages and maybe you'll hit on the right one and make it happen.
  5. But to me it's way too padded. Lots of repetition. I made myself an edit version to make it sleeker.
  6. For the most part I could do without the horns. However I wouldn't punch them.
  7. Butt shots seem to be popular around these here parts.
  8. Oh it's real easy. You'll be a virtuoso in no time.
  9. Obviously you're referring to the Gibson guitar and Marshall amp. Good spotting!
  10. Oh I like to check in on this thread. It's amusing to see grown women reduced to giggling schoolgirls. You go sister!
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