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  1. There sure have been a lot of days with no new album. I'd bet a dollar there will be more.
  2. I find it odd that you keep track of such things. But I have to admit that I find you adamantly fanatically dedicated fans a bit odd. Not that there's anything wrong with that!
  3. Sometimes a simple little riff really hits the spot and you can't think of the song without it.
  4. Well, try it in a bunch of different languages and maybe you'll hit on the right one and make it happen.
  5. But to me it's way too padded. Lots of repetition. I made myself an edit version to make it sleeker.
  6. For the most part I could do without the horns. However I wouldn't punch them.
  7. Butt shots seem to be popular around these here parts.
  8. Oh it's real easy. You'll be a virtuoso in no time.
  9. Obviously you're referring to the Gibson guitar and Marshall amp. Good spotting!
  10. Oh I like to check in on this thread. It's amusing to see grown women reduced to giggling schoolgirls. You go sister!
  11. Yeah, but you'd like to see him in little else. You perv!
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