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  1. That sound intriguing. I doubt I could do it. And I know what you mean about his lead work. I like guys like Bruce and Neil Young who play with more heart and soul and fire than technicians like Eddie Van Halen. I do love Nils though but his playing is beyond me.
  2. Sadly he looks like a confused old man. "Where are we? What key are we in?"
  3. That picture couldn't scream "The '80s" more if it wanted to.
  4. there once was a note....listen

  5. By "successfully" do you mean that they don't become sentient and try to eat me?
  6. I don't know what the source of this is and it's probably lossy but it still sounds better that the recent Meadowlands '84 they are selling us.
  7. Have you taken leave of your senses? If not would you consider it?
  8. You have never heard of Robby The Robot? Have you never seen the classic film Forbidden Planet?
  9. How could I know that without more data to work with?
  10. Aren't you known in some circles as as "The Great Confuser"?
  11. I'm not sure, do you think it's a thingumabob or a doohickey?
  12. Thanks Marilla. I am using Firefox. But it seems I have saved pics from here before. Just computer weirdness I guess.
  13. It's on my list. Do you know how to defuse one of these?
  14. So, what's the deal with saving pictures from threads on this board? Usually when you right click you get a :Save image as" option but I only get a "Save page" option. So how do you save a picture without saving the whole page?
  15. That's from Elvis Costello's Spectacle show. So it's The Imposters and others.
  16. has not set their status

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