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  1. Well, pretty predictable. I've never heard of this woman but it was pretty much what I expected. Doesn't veer much from the original. Same wash of synth sound. Same tempo. Very well done if you have a use for this sort of thing but I just don't.
  2. I suppose you're referring to Letter To You specifically because not all of his albums are recorded that way.
  3. Did you really hear it that way, or did you just think that it was funny?
  4. Well yeah but that had horns to start with. I believe the OP intended what is better with horns that didn't start off as such.
  5. A big influence on Bruce and so many, but not so much on me. And murder aside, by most accounts not a nice man. But still, rest in peace Phil.
  6. I'm a Nils fan. I had several of his albums before Bruce came into my consciousness. But that Prove It solo is awful. Just show-offy. It might have been nice background noise for a cheesy '50s sci fi flick but I have no use for it.
  7. I know what you mean, those two were pivotal in my indoctrination in 1978. But here in 2020 (2021?) I don't feel a need for them anymore.
  8. I have no issue with the Sunny day kids because I never listen to that song anyway.
  9. In my early fandom I found Bruce's stories endearing but I'm done with them now. But I now have the technology and developed the skill to digitally edit and I do it extensively. So songs like Growin' Up get the clip. I like live performances but I have no use for the crowd. I do a lot of edits to get rid of crowd noise. If there was a magic app that could remove the crowd and not affect the music I would be all over it. I could go on and on about my editing hobby but it would be too much typing and no one really cares. But I do some great work. (I say humbly)
  10. I don't think he's ever been much of a pedal guy. I recall a '78 show where he called out for the sound man to add some slapback to his guitar. He's not really a gear head. I think he lets the tech guys handle that stuff.
  11. Well of course I could. But come on now burgfan, I think you can figure out that the "strings" I'm referring to mean orchestration. If you do I appreciate the humor. If you don't I don't care to humor you. Y'all have a nice day.
  12. A few years ago Ray Davies did an orchestral album of his classics. I bought it because I'm a huge Kinks fan but I never listen to it. My general opinion is in classical music strings rock. In rock music strings are unneeded.
  13. I remember seeing something in print about Spuce Stringbean. It has a nice ring.
  14. I recommend the Zevon song, it has only the title in common. In fact I would rather he had done the Zevon song instead.
  15. At the 12-15-75 Winterland show Bill Graham introduced him as "The Chairman Of The Board." It never stuck and I do believe it was already taken. As for "The Boss", I've never been fond of it. I kind of remember a 1978 interview I heard on the radio where he said he felt kind of uncomfortable with it or something. He obviously came to embrace it that later in life.
  16. Have to say I prefer the Warren Zevon song, though they have little in common but the title.
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