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  1. Aren't most accountants outlaws? But I kid accountants.
  2. I haven't seen any Queen hate here. Just some who don't think they were as great as others do. And if you don't "get it" then perhaps you don't get the concept of difference of opinion.
  3. That's what I thought. Isn't they guy in the white shirt Roger Daltry?
  4. Oh I thought he seemed his age inside and out when I heard Western Stars.
  5. I'd have to look over the outtakes and stuff. I've made my version of a Darkness double album but I haven't got around to a single River yet.
  6. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Live In New York Songs from the DVD that are not on the CD 1 Backstreets 7-1-2000 2 Don't Look Back 6-29-2000 3 Darkness On The Edge Of Town 6-29-2000 4 Light Of Day 7-1-2000 5 The Promise 7-1-2000 6 Thunder Road 6-29-2000 7 E Street Shuffle 7-1-2000 8 My Hometown 6-29-2000 9 This Hard Land 6-29-2000 8 and 9 from limited edition CD single
  7. Or they have to swing a dead chicken overhead (counterclockwise) while standing on one foot. Really now, who wants to do that?
  8. For me that is the kindest cut. If they didn't do it I would, and have.
  9. It is. I took a look at the waveform of a few songs and they're really slammed. Quite compressed. I've only listened a bit so far and it sounds good. I hope not fatiguing over time.
  10. I guess the roadies don't have cattle prods at the ready.
  11. There are quite a few bootlegs of Steel Mill and other early bands that predate the Telecaster (technically Broadcaster, but just a technicality) so I would say, yeas there are.
  12. Is that when Father's Day is in your crazy, upside down world? What is the gravity like there?
  13. I notice a trend in most of these covers. Slow it down, pour on the emotional angst, be very serious. Not a lot of rockin' women here. I suppose if you already have a musical connection to any of these women I can see why their covers would have some appeal but to me they're kind of generic. Not bad by any means but nothing I can get a hold on to.
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