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  1. Seriously Paolo, I respect your opinion but for the life of me I can't understand how anything about Drone Baby Drone, I mean Dream Baby Dream could be considered amazing except for it's audacity. It reminds me of songs that have a big, repetitive driving wheel end part, such as Hey Jude but DBD doesn't even have a real song in front of to justify it's existence. It's just repetition. I know a lot of people like it but I also know from previous discussion that I'm not alone on this. Different notes for different folks.
  2. The Ghost Of Tom Joad Thunder Road Darkness On The Edge Of Town Factory Nebraska This Hard Land
  3. I wouldn't have guessed you'd be so put out about it. Oh Roy, you're so cute!
  4. I can't stand that hat. I found it very distracting how he kept messing around with it.
  5. I prefer my Bruce no strings attached. Except guitar strings, of course.
  6. I'm of the opinion the vocals were studio dubbed.
  7. Well I got through it. I'm not a fan of Western Stars. I really didn't want to see this as much as I wanted to have seen it. Towards the end I started to think of Rattle And Hum and how U2 took so much criticism for that movie having an air of self-importance and pretentiousness. Yeah, I just spontaneously thought of that. Maybe it was Bruce's wise sage pontificating and reverent oh so serious close ups of his face. Seemed a bit heavy handed. No disrespect intended to all of you who loved it. I've still got the first four albums for solace.
  8. Of course speedball is a baseball term. Just like when a runner gets to the base before the ball the umpire yells "Secure!"
  9. Gone at 87. Somewhere he's still rockin' the Cosmos.
  10. I'm not going inside that tunnel. It's a dark ride.
  11. Interesting, never thought of that. But is a pretty common three note descending phrase.
  12. I read the Beatles and Dylan All The Songs books and liked them very much. I look foreword to The Bruce edition.
  13. Love it. I wish he would have finished it in 1978 and put it on Darkness.
  14. And for curmudgeons like me it's fun to find common interests to dislike. It's all part of the mosaic of life!
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