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  1. Max...and the unfortunate after effects of using treats to get a slobbery dogs attention
  2. I always seemed to know someone that was there...I had more pictures of the Walter Kerr Theatre on my Facebook timeline than pictures of people's pets for a over a year. I don't think any of my family went out there, but if they did and you met them I apologise
  3. Bruce has been on the radio...the Broadway show will be roughly the same as before...and something to be released in the fall, but not a new album...one of the rumoured box sets maybe
  4. I know a few who went and couldn't figure out what the fuss was about...I was one of them, Bruce's delivery was stale and he sounded bored by the time I got to see it, the Ghost of Tom Joad was magical and the highpoint for me and the low point was definitely that "Lord's Prayer"...Oh dear
  5. A Thunder Road based image I did...not as impressive as those concert posters though
  6. He's been busy Daisey I must admit I've never heard of this man...he sounds like some rubbish superhero with a name like Mossman
  7. There are indeed plenty of people with a valid reason for not wearing a mask Eileen...the "selfish twat" comment was definitely not aimed at those
  8. "ignorant" You honestly couldn't make it up I really don't think people are getting trashed for not wearing masks, they're getting trashed for being selfish twats who don't care if they infect someone else
  9. First Payment of £4350 made to Cancer research from the sale of these T Shirts and associated items...thanks to everyone who bought something. A great effort considering Bruce is nowhere to be seen at the moment
  10. It just says "cloth" in the description, so I wouldn't think so
  11. We've just released these...blatant profiteering for charity if you buy these Cancer research this time round https://teespring.com/en-GB/e-street-fans-logo-facemask
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