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  1. A Thunder Road based image I did...not as impressive as those concert posters though
  2. He's been busy Daisey I must admit I've never heard of this man...he sounds like some rubbish superhero with a name like Mossman
  3. There are indeed plenty of people with a valid reason for not wearing a mask Eileen...the "selfish twat" comment was definitely not aimed at those
  4. "ignorant" You honestly couldn't make it up I really don't think people are getting trashed for not wearing masks, they're getting trashed for being selfish twats who don't care if they infect someone else
  5. First Payment of £4350 made to Cancer research from the sale of these T Shirts and associated items...thanks to everyone who bought something. A great effort considering Bruce is nowhere to be seen at the moment
  6. It just says "cloth" in the description, so I wouldn't think so
  7. We've just released these...blatant profiteering for charity if you buy these Cancer research this time round https://teespring.com/en-GB/e-street-fans-logo-facemask
  8. You're welcome, we're as safe as can be, I still have to go to work but we have a military style disinfecting routine when I get home Here's hoping you and yours are keeping safe as well
  9. As you asked, we've now added kids T's...I'm not sure why we missed out on that one before...well spotted
  10. We've started a new T Shirt campaign in support of Cancer Research, the designs are based on the current rainbow for hope we see all over the UK during the present situation we are all in. Let's face it, we have little else to spend our money on at the moment https://teespring.com/en-GB/stores/e-street-fans
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