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  1. The final amount for the Stamp out Suicide campaign was £5311.85. Thanks to everyone who bought a T Shirt/Hoody, if we can have helped save one life it will have been worth it.
  2. YoHoHo...OK, I realise it's a bit early but you need to book your Xmas day attire in plenty of time. The new Charity T Shirts are now available with all money raised going to the DEPAUL homeless charity. Just large logos at the moment but small logos will get done at the weekend.
  3. No hats at the moment, we're using a different outlet now and these aren't an option...I'm away for a week now, I'll give it a look when we get back
  4. Here's a link to the latest edition T Shirts. They are available in the theme of numerous countries. The ones with the guitar on the back were from a previous campaign and no longer available.
  5. New camera and lens so I needed to retake of his calmer moments
  6. Great show last night...I'm not that keen on the new album but it certainly all hits the right spots live...and that backing singer on the left...have you ever seen anyone on stage who's looked as if they've enjoyed it that much ? Los Desaparecidos was a high point for me as well Great to see LongTallSally again even though it was just a quick word
  7. Leeds for us...he puts on a great show, the tickets price is the cheapest bit of the night due to something being on at the Leeds Arena so hotel prices are extortionate that night
  8. I'm glad you like the design...always a relief I remembered that we'd met...I had Sunderland in my head though
  9. Thanks to everyone for ordering, Over £2000 raised for Stamp Out Suicide now We've been doing a couple of designs a know you're getting more than enough when you even have a Brighton and Hove Albion T Shirt for sale
  10. I've done one in the shape of Germany...NJ looks easier than Germany That may have to wait though...I'm busy with the flags for's tonight's designs
  11. English ones will be along...these were the first 2 requested
  12. Wales and Ireland flag designs added tonight...more to sure to ask if you want your countries flag adding t the range
  13. Any words of encouragement are greatly appreciated Rachel...Thanks
  14. A blast from the past with the latest edition of the T Shirts, the original design makes a comeback, one series with plain white text and another series based on the Stars & Stripes. Every penny raised from this edition will be going to "Stamp Out Suicide" A counselling service for those in their darkest hours.
  15. Another great weekend with a bunch of fans and over £3000 raised for LoD into the bargain, if you were there or bought a T Shirt then thanks for your support
  16. I'm sure it's been done before but I'm after stories of the first time you saw Bruce live for our website, using the "Contact" tab at Whilst you're there you could visit the shop and treat yourself to a new bit of gear for Christmas, with all profit to the Light of Day Foundation
  17. It is only 3 months to the next E Street Fans UK Springsteen Weekend... 2 nights of live music from 2 great Bands, and a special acoustic set on Saturday afternoon followed by our Auction (which includes special donations from Nils & Amy Lofgren and Jake Clemons) Once again, our chosen charity for the weekend is the Light of Day Foundation. Tickets are available NOW…/esf-charity-weekend-for-light-of-d… ESFs merchandise is also currently on sale as part of this fund raising effort : Light of Day was chosen again after the last weekend we did had some money taken by the person the money was left with, that money has since been recovered thanks to the British Constabulary but this weekend had already been organised by then, the bands are playing for their expenses only and all monies raised will be going to The Light of Day Foundation
  18. I'm obviously in the minority, I was 10 rows back and central but apart from his bit about his mother I never really connected with the show. When all's said and done it's a show he's done 200 times and it felt like that to me. I obviously hope I stay in the minority and that those left to go have a great time. My time in NY won't be wasted anyway as I've met up with friends and have still seen the city, it's been a great holiday
  19. I presume I'm not the first to say was good but not $750 good