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  1. Wasn't us, we missed the Kilkenny shows due to family commitments Next time maybe yes next time Crusty....sorry I was actually referring to djgeddes, I should have quoted...... No problem...I'm easily confused
  2. Wasn't us, we missed the Kilkenny shows due to family commitments Next time maybe
  3. As Kev said...we just thought it right to ask first, we were selling on the back of his name after all...luckily we didn't have to moralise whether to still go ahead or not if he refused We also figured that having permission would be a good bit of promotion for the T's, we weren't really expecting an answer too soon anyway but luckily got it within a couple of days so could run with it, everything went right with this project, from failing to design on the first t shirt website...getting permission from JLM...Badlands coming aboard and the most important part of having this community backing the cause. It's ok to have the idea but it's great that this community pulls together to help out the blundering fools trying to get it off the ground
  4. I've been telling you for years that your jokes are crap Cut to the quick Gin...cut to the quick I'm a sensitive soul you know
  5. When are the sports style ones coming out for us athletic people ??
  6. I really don't see any element of the fan base reading too much into Bruce reading some fans T Shirt out...if you do that's fine though...as I said before, you are as entitled to your opinion as anyone else. Good that you point out that you didn't spot it was for charity, I thought we had flooded posts with this, I will make sure we keep the good word out there
  7. ...and Bruce seemed to like it Now that's self congratulationary
  8. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, Self congratulationary ?? Maybe if it was serious...it's a bit of fun though...what I like to call...a joke. Not to everyones taste obviously but I don't have a problem with that
  9. Thanks for all the good wishes and support everyone...ditto what Kev said
  10. A quick heads up for those that are on the Badlands mailing list... you will receive an e-mail when this is officially launched, possibly in the next couple of hours
  11. + 1 Look forward to ordering for the whole family (with a few for myself) to help raise funds for such a good cause along the way! Hopefully like you say at some future UK show we can perhaps coordinate ourselves such that we make up nearly half the pit at some gig when they walk out - that would be neat! Had another thought on this - we should all turn our backs (like the Man City fans) as Bruce approaches the mic stand when he walks out!!! - of course we'd have to check out his face / reaction on you tube but it would be worth it!By the way - Mr & Mrs Crusty, were you at Turku in May?, was it you (and your t-shirt) that I was trying to take photo of in the field at about 11am the morning of the second show? (I can't confirm for myself as the photo didn't come out) - if not someone had a similar shirt in Turku!?Wasn't us...people have asked at various times over the summer if they could use it though and untill Bruce did the shout out we didn't think of doing them ourselves so just told people to go ahead
  12. Me and Mrs Crusty were in that queue for a couple of days so there's a good chance you did
  13. I thought that Jukes...but with the first line I'm the leader of the....
  14. Please bear in mind this is still not everything, the website is uploading stuff overnight and some details still need firming up, Badlands are hoping to have everything finalised by tomorrow afternoon, enjoy browsing people It's good that the interest is such that people want to jump the gun but we will post on here when everything is finalised
  15. UPDATE... The Badlands guys are still working hard on this, we got an e-mail at 6ish this morning to update us so they look as eager to get this done as us. Hopefully today now...but as I'm totally ignorant as to how you set up web pages to look their best I wouldn't want to promise that, Thanks for your patience everyone
  16. and...still waiting, I'm sure there's some very good IT reason behind the delays...still frustrating though. We thought today, now we hope tomorrow :-)
  17. I have now seen the full designs and am delighted by them and despite me being involved they look very good Luckily I wasn't involved in the design bit
  18. Damn...cardigans...I knew we'd missed something out
  19. I've asked for a flat cap option but they have said 'no go' Cabby
  20. I'm told Monday at the latest... Please bear in mind that it's not even a week since Badlands started working on this with us, they have been working on this feverishly and seem excited with the prospect of working on this project
  21. So close you can touch it now, Badlands are beavering away in the background judging by their website
  22. We've seen the front designs now and are just waiting for a few tweaks to the back and then we should be ready, if everything goes perfectly then Friday may be doable...midweek next week then
  23. No news today I'm afraid, we're still waiting for the designs so we can ok them, This waitings a bloody pain in the backside...must be ten times worse for Kev though
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