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  1. Latest news... Badlands are discussing the designs with their printers to see which one will be the best to use that works with the process being used, we have 5 different designs available but I have a feeling only a couple will work...you'll get the updates as I get them, hopefully not long now
  2. I'm apologising to myself really because I want them out yesterday. Luckily we have a designer that keeps me in check and it will work for the best in the end
  3. Good news and bad news on the t shirt front... They will be delayed for a while longer now... The good news is that Badlands have now contacted us and have fully committed to helping us out, this will unfortunately cause a few delays while we work to get the designs sorted with another printer and the distribution is sorted The demand for this is such that this seemed the best route to go down to maximise the profit for Daniel and work with someone who knows what they're doing Sorry again for the delay but I think this is definately the way forward for this project
  4. Unfortunately sheer willpower is not making the website work how we want it and it looks like it will be Monday before we can get back to it as we need to talk to the runners of the website. We could have rushed out second rate designs but we have decided to wait until it looks right, sorry for the delay...to be foiled just a few steps away is very frustrating
  5. The FaceBook group has now gone past 1000 members in less than 6 days, hopefully a lot of these will make a purchase
  6. Crusty..will they have my size as well ?? Great work by all concerned, you must have a few tales to tell about the journey which made this happen. I'm at work at the moment Dr, when I get home I'll see what sizes the little pink tank tops go up to for you
  7. Crusty..will they have my size as well ?? Great work by all concerned, you must have a few tales to tell about the journey which made this happen. We even travelled to strange foreign lands and spoke to people who answered in a strange tongue we could not understand...we also went to Germany and they were a lot more intelligible than those in Glasgow
  8. But you're here so it doesn't matter, so you can still buy my reasonably priced T-shirts...or a sweatshirt...or even an horrifically priced mug...I'm presuming you won't want a nice little pink tank top...they'll have your size if you do though
  9. The links will definately go up on here and you will get them via twitter anyway CasinoNancy
  10. Here is a link to the Facebook group that we set up to promote the T-Shirts, we are hoping to get these out in the marketplace in the next couple of days. We just have a couple of small design issues to get over and then everything should be ready to go....famous last words ?? https://www.facebook.com/groups/395269733911696/ Over 900 members have joined this group in less than a week, if only a 1/4 buy something that's a few hundred quid for the pot
  11. Slow going on the T Shirt front I'm afraid, it's good to have an official sanction but it also puts pressure on to get it right and permissions have to be got for any changes. I see that someone on BTX has put that our design is not original as they spotted it in Rome...The woman wearing that one will have been called Saija...or something like that...she asked if she could use our design on a T Shirt...Mrs Crusty even suggested the slight changes that she made to it so it would personalise it to her It won't let me post in BTX, for some reason anything I post never gets put on the board so it's frustrating not being able to defend ourselves. We got ours printed in February sometime I think, ready for our start of the second leg in Munich
  12. I will put the details on here when things are finalised, the GL admin are very involved in the organising of this anyway, many thanks to them for their help, advice and work in the background
  13. Just a reminder that this is still getting sorted in the background If any of you are bothered, there is a Facebook group that will be giving news out as it happens, you could join that if you wanted to keep abreast of developments. https://www.facebook.com/groups/395269733911696/
  14. Thanks everyone, It's been a busy week but it's all coming together now and we hope everyone wants one for the obvious reason :)
  15. Nice to meet you on one of those Springsteen expresses Gooner, a great show was to follow
  16. Don't worry about it Bruce2003, these things happen...you must buy 2 from here if it gets up and running as a penalty though
  17. We are now trying to sort getting this done for Daniel through the mods
  18. Ask those who want them for a donation ??
  19. That's ours.Is there any way we could get these available on the site for Daniel ?? A Greasy Lake logo on the front maybe and this on the back ??
  20. Amy found it and showed it to Bruce as far as I know...Mrs C told me that and Nils told her in a PM...so a pretty good source, lol
  21. lol, there's plenty of places to get this printed on a T-Shirt, I want no money off fans
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