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  1. Tracy who ?? I guess that means I don't know How long till you retire ??
  2. Never seen Silent Witness Did you get any prezzies you needed to read the instruction manual for ??
  3. Does down the Nile count ?? Done that and would do it again Can you still see snow from looking out of your window ??
  4. Don't know, they don't talk to me Next holiday planned ??
  5. Yup, but on a course Drunk all the xmas booze yet ??
  6. only the time John Cleese or Michael Palin ??
  7. Depends what time I am up so 5 or 9 Cat or dog ?
  8. As you would say Eileen "KAK", work in the afternoon tpbm understands baseball (american rounders to the non colonials)
  9. that my bike has decided to dump it's oil at a furious rate
  10. 41 days including bank holidays ever worked a xmas or new years day ??
  11. Not particularly, but they're better than the over rated scousers tpbm had too much to drink at the weekend
  12. Isn't this another thread?? I'll choose Racing in the Street How many times do you go to the supermarket in a week??
  13. Yes, for a long time Is your phone ringtone a Bruce song ??
  14. Chinese what's the best freebie you have ever got ??
  15. I lost the supervisors position I had been doing and had to go back welding What is the most you ever spent on a meal ??
  16. no, I drive/ride them till they break down.......probably on a motorway have you ever pulled a fake sickie from work this year ??
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