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  1. Yep feeling very lucky. I keep replaying it all in my head, but now keep thinking of all the things i wish i’d said to him. Maybe next time if i’m ever lucky enough again.
  2. At Claridges on Saturday morning with me, dream come true!!!!!!
  3. Fantastic!!! I’m hoping for the same. By pure coincidence i’m at claridges for afternoon tea this weekend. Obvs thrilled to find Bruce is now in town. Were there many people there?
  4. I hope so, i am in London for the day on the Sunday (travelling from up north) and have a booking at Claridges that afternoon/early evening. I’m really hoping to run into him if he’s still in town.
  5. Well I arrived in NYC about 4.45, dumped bags, straight to theatre & thrilled Bruce arrived within minutes of us waiting.
  6. I’m in NYC tues - fri, no show ticket, but going to the stage door. Does anyone know if his arrival has been consistent at around 6pm??
  7. My husband is gonna love me....NOT!! I’m working on a sign, need to make him feel sorry for me with it being my 40th, coming from the UK & having no show tickets!! Need a selfie at least.
  8. Does anyone know the approx time Bruce & Patti have been arriving & leaving the theatre? I’m in NYC in 2 weeks so in the absence of tickets i need to be ‘stage dooring’ to get a glimpse!!
  9. I remember you from Etihad last May, you were fab. Loved listening to Bruce singing xmas songs in May in the pouring rain.
  10. I'm in NYC 7-9 Nov, travelling from the UK, and desperate to see the show. I'm after 1 or 2 tickets for Tues 7th or Thurs 9th Nov (can't do the weds 8th, at ice hockey). Please help, or point me in the direction of the ticket lotteries. Thanks.
  11. I'm in NYC anyway 7-10 Nov, coming from the UK for my 40th birthday. I've been on standby & like others I'm desperate for a code to try for tickets. Anyone got a spare code - long shot I know!!!
  12. Currently obsessed with Atlantic City, particularly from MSG 2000 & HRC 2013.