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  1. Surprised and pleased at the slow chart drop in UK
  2. Going up on my list of top to bottom list of songs . Love how it builds up
  3. Vocals perfect for this song. Lyrics best ever imho Best song off best album ever imho
  4. 1. Western Stars 2.Tucson Train 3.Hello Sunshine 4.Stones 5.Sundown 6.Hitch Hickin' 7.Moonlight Hotel 8.There Goes My Miracle 9.Sleepy Joes Cafe 10.The Wayfarer 11.Drive Fast 12.Chasin Wild Horses 13. Somewhere North Of Nashville
  5. I had bad feeling bout this album . Totally wrong . Love it . So refreshing . Bravo bossman
  6. Ordered latest 1992 show amongst others . Just checked back in to view setlist . That show has gone . Still on my email confirmation though
  7. My girl "nukka" loves the kennels. Treat like royalty . Bloody pricey so shud be .
  8. Shades of . "With every wish" come to mind music wise