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  1. Aww loved that. First time ive listened closely to the actial words . Very sad song . But its in a new light for me this version. Love it when im drawn back to the actual lyrics
  2. I need to get my tixs out of loft. I think its 49 . But sure im misding a Dublin show off that .
  3. Still in to it . Currently in cd player in car. However . Still play western stars more .
  4. Was 2000. Wanted to travel to states from uk. Literally put a pin in the map . Landed on pittsburgh. Loved it .Spectacular entrance through fort pitt tunnel in taxi. Great bars on carson street. Great people. Went back in 2006 or so . Will go again . Lovely city
  5. Loved the section q&a. Will sign requests be allowed ? . No you will be shot . Please make this true lmao
  6. Doubt many will risk international travel. With way things are. Uk is on off on off red amber green ..to fade
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