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  1. Now this . Near end for me . Some of the strongest female vocals ever
  2. Like it . Like rough way it seems recorded like lucky town was.Like fact it was recorded in 5 days . Like everyone in band together. If rests as good as Western Stars. I will like it even more
  3. This thread is costing me dearly in pounds and pence . Already ordered 2 shows on nugs because ot this one song
  4. My favourite album since the rising . And easily most played . Both studio and live . A true masterpiece
  5. Seeds . Villa park 1988 Incident live 1980 release
  6. Ah that night in the rain . People with mushed up passports at airport lol. The lightning. The set list . Bruces face during crowd singback on city of ruins . Rosalita. Waiting on a sunny day with cowboy hat in deluge. Wheres my dvd now