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  1. Got this 3 times at wembley arena 1992. Remember bruce on edge of stage sitting telling a story . Lovely song
  2. Villa park .Birmingham 1st night 1988. Especially aint got you into shes theone. Only does a partial aint got you i think
  3. Yes. Loved whole western stars releases era. Gig in his barn was superb Would loved to hear something like secert garden or devils and dust with a orchestra
  4. I hate fireworks. Three days of akita (akita i know). Scared shaking with these 3 nights . Not fair she dosnt deserve this
  5. Torn Ghosts Or If i were a priest. Went for ghosts in end . But class album . Cant find length of song times anywhere?
  6. Big Countrys new boxset release "out beyond the river". Superb https://www.cherryred.co.uk/product/big-country-out-beyond-the-river-the-compulsion-years-anthology-5cd-1dvd-remastered-boxset/#:~:text=Big Country%3A Out Beyond The River – The Compulsion Years Anthology,Big Country&text=Featuring 71 tracks on five,Glasgow on 29 December 1993.
  7. Superb viewing. Agree with nice guy comments
  8. Yep like it . But no more spoilers for the album for me I await late october
  9. Now this . Near end for me . Some of the strongest female vocals ever
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