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  1. Loved the section q&a. Will sign requests be allowed ? . No you will be shot . Please make this true lmao
  2. Doubt many will risk international travel. With way things are. Uk is on off on off red amber green ..to fade
  3. Had a video of the whole Wembley 88 show . Got it at a record fair in Newcastle. Nit sure what happened to it . Got me thinking now . AlwAys remember it had a strange ending to Born in the Usa ( no abbreviations from me) at end of first set . I think
  4. 1. Incident ( full band) 2. Im going down 3. Youll be coming down
  5. Liar i seen you in asda ashington in the wine section
  6. That version of Living proof. Well thats enough for my debit card details. Mind you this is and always will be my favourite song by anyone anywhere ..ever
  7. Bleachers Rooftops Chinatown girl Being honest can't get it out my head
  8. Yep. Hate to say this . But agree. I read loads of books . I mean loads . And i agree . It bored me. Still quarter way through on shelf. Just being truthful
  9. Just to clarify my former post. Burn the signs as well
  10. Had this as my wedding dance song . Love it. Sounds like Bruce to me
  11. Up here . Me??. . Not moving im a Akita . Try to get me down double click to put me up right way . Dad is crap
  12. For me . After a fair listen to each album . And time passed since release. For me its still "western stars". And by a fair way . I wanted to like "Letter to you " more then western stars but cant . Would love to know what Bruce thought . We will never know lol
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