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  1. I'm listening to 'Pressing On' by Bob Dylan. Yes, the '80s is my favourite Dylan era.
  2. Carnage. Two couples (Jodie Foster/John C Reilly and Kate Winslet/Christoph Waltz) get together to discuss a recent fight between their children, and although they try and be civil they slowly realise they hate each other!
  3. A Storm Of Swords - the third volume of A Song Of Ice And Fire by George R.R. Martin. After having finished the third series of Game of Thrones the other day I just couldn't wait to find out what happens next so rushed out and bought the next book! Here in the UK Storm of Swords is divided into two books (as is A Dance With Dragons) and as the third TV series only adapts the first book of Storm of Swords, the second one was a perfect starting point for me!
  4. A History Of Violence. Great, intense movie. Love Viggo Mortensen's transformation from meek family man to killer.
  5. Silver Linings Playbook is a great film! Not a huge fan of the Fighter though. American Hustle I thought was somewhere between the two. His films always have great casts though. I love Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. Not seen anything he's done before his latest three movies.
  6. Steve McQueen's movie from a couple years ago, 'Shame'. I dunno, it left me with a feeling of 'is that it?'. It wasn't as hard-hitting or groundbreaking as I was expecting. Nothing terrible happens to him because of his sex addiction. I expected to feel like it was ruining his life but I didn't. I didn't feel like what happened to his sister was because of him, but more because of her own demons.
  7. Just finished Misery by Stephen King. Have now read that, Carrie, Christine, Thinner, Everything's Eventual (short story collection) and a few stories from Skeleton's Crew (The Mist, Here There Be Tygers, Cain Rose Up, Paranoid: A Chant, The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands, For Owen, Survivor Type, and the two Milkman stories). Of the novels, Christine and Thinner are my favourites, and of the short stories, I love The Man In The Black Suit, The Road Virus Heads North, Lunch At The Gotham Cafe, The Mist and Survivor Type.
  8. Christine - the Stephen King adaptation. I absolutely love the book and knowing what high quality King adaptations are out there, had high hopes. But was rather disappointed!
  9. The only one of his that I've read is Under The Dome and I thought it was fantastic! Cool, might check it out. I've now finished Thinner (which is truly brilliant) and am well into Christine. Next I'm after another short story collection (thinking Skeleton Crew), Cujo, the Tommyknockers, Salem's Lot, Pet Sematary, the Dark Half, Misery, Needful Things, the rest of the Richard Bachman books... there's too many haha
  10. Just finished the Stephen King short story collection Everything's Eventual (for those who have read it, my favourite story from it is The Man In The Black Suit), and have now started on Carrie. Got three more - Christine, the Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, and Thinner (which was written under his pseudonym Richard Bachman) - on order. Haven't read any Stephen King up until now, and wow what a great writer he is!
  11. Watched this one night when I was in the States recently. Absolutely brilliant film. Violent but so gripping. Also saw both Catching Fire and Gravity today! Jennifer Lawrence is my favourite actress, she is amazing. I wanna see all her films (apart from the one with Mel Gibson and a beaver puppet). Gravity was in 3D at the IMAX. Just stunning.
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