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  1. This morning at the Genoa airport. Now they are sailing. https://video.repubblica.it/edizione/genova/springsteen-e-spielberg-vacanze-in-liguria-l-arrivo-all-aeroporto-di-genova/344738/345321
  2. Salgari sei italiano? Yes, is nr 1 since June 13th even without my cotribution. I gave my personal opinion song by song on the main thread clearly a thumb down and that the album doesnt worth a purchase.
  3. This album stinks I agree. And I agree with myself saying that exvept 3 or four songs (to be played without all those strings etc. and the orchestration a la Campbell or other 'main american singers (I didnt know) of the sixties. I love Bruce the rocker and I love Bruce acustic (in fact Devil and dust is my preferred tour) and I love the seeger band Bruce. But this album is not at all my cup of tea. Fullstoff. Am I not a true fan??? ohhhh pleaseeee I've seen 296 Bruce's shows never skipped one tour (even the nostalgia tour I didnt like). But if anybody thinks I m not a true fan I let him think so. PS and I didnt buy the album . Only isten to it three times on the net. Oh poor me.
  4. Factory. Zurich April 1981 Hallenstadion and the worst seat of the venue
  5. It could happens. You know, as I mostly love the ''live'' Bruce, probably when I express my thought about a song , subtly I project it into how it could be performed live.
  6. He already played in some kind of theaters even if not la scala -
  7. Mmm. it would be the first time I miss a tour since 1981. Good idea. I eventually will spare some money and my bank account is happy
  8. Second listening, right now. Hitch hikin - It remind me some woody guthrie songs (without strings) Wayfarer - dont like the production (and neither the song) tucson train - the ''Springsteen'' I love Western stars - nice. It reminds me (musically) some ''stolen cars'' keys (bur dont like the orchestra) Sleeping joe - it's ok. A live hit. (the new jhonny 99? ) Drive fast - Not an easy song CHasin wild horses - A tom joad song , a nice ballad (without strings) Sundown - No, no, no Somewhere north..- A gem. ( If acustic it makes me goosebump) Pity it's only 2 minutes. Stones - Second gem . See above. There goes ..... - No, no, no, no, no, no no. Hello sunshine - Not my cup of tea Moolight hotel - Third gem To sum up: I dont like the production. I find oppressive that every single track has that strings orchestra ''crescendo finale'' I dont love at all. By the way: Not a bad album, better than Working on a dream and High Hopes (both I didnt buy). Since 2009 his second good album being Wrecking ball the first on my personal list, but neither are masterpieces. That is My Personal Opinion.
  9. Thanks to Wout I just listend to the album. I 've take a tough decision: I will not buy it. (but Sleepy joe's cafe' will be a hit live even with the e stree band) (somewhere north and stones would be amazing played acustic)
  10. I just listened to the song . Ohhhhhhh finally a Bruce's song (that has nothing to do with the previous two Western Stars's songs). Love it.
  11. I dont wanna start a fight over Voltaire eh By the way it wasnt DOmenico Modugno either. That quote summerises Voltaire thought who defended the author of l esprit (a book which had been burnt because of its contents)
  12. the sound of the theater where I saw the movie was stunning. (My first visit was in 88 and I witnessed that desolation )
  13. Interesting docu film, I liked it. and wow what an amazing final surprise.
  14. It's a quote of Voltaire the philisopher (not Volare the song by Domenico Modugno )