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  1. After spending much time fruitlessly attempting to meet 'the one' I have decided to start a dating site for Springsteen's Hungry Hearts. Currently, there is one bloke in the database. Me. If you want more information or indeed to add yourself to the database - please ask. BTW - its not me in the photo. It's Alvin Straight. If you have heard of him and love the film - then we are a good match - unless you're a bloke - in which case drinking buddies would be my limit.
  2. sorry, should say a unicorn and a bed of gold...
  3. Yesterday my 7 year old who has listened to more Bruce than is probably good for him asked me, "Dad, did Bruce really get a unicorn bed of gold?" Ok folks, which song were we listening to?
  4. 2016 has been a very dark year for me and loved ones. I have to say that without music as distraction/emotional compass etc I would be in a corner somewhere, no good to no one (double negative know but if Bruce can get away with it - I can) So, the songs that have pulled me back from the brink. 1. Living proof (my son is also called Evan) the live version from East Rutherford is immense. 2. Dream baby dream, as a disillusioned teacher, this song simply and beautifully, reminds me it is worth it to battle on - regardless of the shite they throw at you. 3.My Beautiful Reward, to help me let go of my beautiful mum. 4. Outlaw Pete, as a reminder of how the past can hurt us. 5. Have mercy, the Gaslight song that haunts me still about bereavement. 6. Trapped, to reassure me that the walls will tumble and then the morning sun will break again, which takes me to the last song - My depression. God bless us all.
  5. Assistance please ..... when does the queue cease being the roll call queue and begin being the "general" queue. In other words, I cannot queue for roll call becasue I have 5 friends working all day Wednesday - thus I need to hold a place in the "other general" queue for when they join me at 5pm. Can anyone help me please????? * my tickets are GA btw.
  6. That is a shame, thanks for the update.
  7. Does anyone know what happened to the tribute band from Yorkshire "Born To Run," they used to play fairly regularly in Leeds at The New Roscoe but have been off the radar for a long time. They are (were) rather good.