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  1. Ultimate Classic Rock "Little" Steven Van Zandt checks in with Ultimate Classic Rock to discuss his new memoir, Unrequited Infatuations. He shares his candid memories regarding the Sun City project and album, working with legends like Peter Gabriel and Miles Davis and plenty more. 00:00 Introduction 02:07 Working on the book 05:30 Sun City. Was he worried about being blacklisted? 07:30 How Sun City morphed from being a single song to an entire album 08:27 Working with Miles Davis 12:38 How the lineup of artists came together 15:00 Peter Gabriel and progressive rock 16:20 A disagreement with Paul Simon 19:07 Did he struggle with putting anything in the book? 20:40 Issues with Whitney Houston 22:00 Meeting Prince 26:24 Working with Jason Bonham and U2's Adam Clayton 30:23 Bruce Springsteen / The Milwaukee bomb scare show
  2. This is made from a photo of the cover. I have the CD version of this Live Series. (format 1985x1811 ... sorry, but ... tried my best)
  3. Welcome. Very nice first post! Taken from his Book, Foreword: Rock ’n’ Roll Survival Kit DNA, natural ability, study of craft, development of and devotion to an aesthetic philosophy, naked desire for . . . fame? . . . love? . . . admiration? . . . attention? . . . women? . . . sex? . . . and oh, yeah . . . a buck. Then . . . if you want to take it all the way out to the end of the night, a furious fire in the hole that just . . . don’t . . . quit . . . burning. These are some of the elements that will come in handy should you come face-to-face with eighty thousand (or eighty) screaming rock ’n’ roll fans who are waiting for you to do your magic trick. Waiting for you to pull something out of your hat, out of thin air, out of this world, something that before the faithful were gathered here today was just a song-fueled rumor. I am here to provide proof of life to that ever elusive, never completely believable “us.” That is my magic trick. And like all good magic tricks, it begins with a setup. So . . . - - - If I'm not mistaken it is the sum of the above. "DNA, natural ability, study of craft .... etc." And The Promise (to himself and his fans) Night after Night after Night to be Alive up There. To me the eighty thousand he is talking about is "Roskilde 2012". A festival where the "furious fire in the hole"-trick unfolded, and a lot of youth experienced the Trick for the first time. It was Magic.
  4. 2016 Rome. Very impressive first song w/strings. Official release is available.
  5. We already got this. https://live.brucespringsteen.net/live-music/0,19238/Bruce-Springsteen---The-E-Street-Band-mp3-flac-download-11-19-2007-TD-Banknorth-Garden-Boston-MA.html Tracy Vale: Last full show with the "classic" lineup from 1975 onward makes this one a MUST HAVE -- especially for those who love the Magic album and it's orchestral rock / pop songs. Only missing "You'll be Coming Down" -- which Max called one of his favorites songs.
  6. You Rock! Thank you. Thank you, Thank you. Saved this in a rtf document! Volume 14 saved to HDD. My newest radio bootleg. Maybe some day we will love this as we love the '78 radio shows.
  7. Really? He just told you. So very well, so great done. Thank You, Bruce. Thank You. Where have all my Bruce friend gone? So silent in here? This great Volume 14. The best until now. We are not allow to be political? But we can still tribute our hero? I hope. Vote 'em Out.
  8. Recommended reading: https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2018/07/20/retro-e-street-review-november-5th-1980-tempe-az/ I'm sure you'll have a great evening. Don't pause it, so prepare yourself. A cold beer is okay.
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