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  1. And the sport is called "trotting". Never heard of that. So, the Trotters & Pacers Diner was just next to the Freehold Raceway (which is located here) where trotting took place. It looks like Trotters & Pacers Diner opened in 1963 and now became Chili's Grill & Bar! See that little building north of the raceway just across the parking. It's the same building found in the postcard I posted above.
  2. Did you figure out the first word in that line? Maybe it helps put things in context.
  3. True. Should be either "Trattoria" or "diner", not both. And it doesn't seem that there are 4 letters after the double-T.
  4. Yes, looks like "A few last chance lovers slip into the nite" Not sure about the "the Trattoria diner" line, and too bad that we'll never know when the album is out since he scrapped that line.
  5. This is what we've got so far. Lights come up at the Legion Hall Pool cues go back up on the wall You pack your guitar and disappear / one last beer with just the ringing in your ears A waitress cleans up the bar You pack your amp into the car A man lost ??? lovers step into the nite [sic] ??? the ??? diner for a bite You wake in the morning and ??? Hard to believe somehow Your [sic] the last man standing now Snakeskin vest sharkskin suit Cuban heels and black boots ??? You kick ??? the band side by side You take the crowd on ??? Mystery ride ??? Bridge ???...
  6. I should've done my research before asking. Many thanks!
  7. Seems like a song about a failed musician... reminds me of Western Stars the song. Those crossed lines contains the word "tattoo" At the end I think I read "You kick on the bar door ???"
  8. Nothing can be hidden in 4k Who wants to give it a shot? Lights come up at the ??? but I'm ??? ??? ??? cleans up ??? you pack [crossed out] [crossed out] You wake in morning and I don't behave same ??? ??? the last man standing
  9. Seems like it. This BTX thread is very informative. http://www.backstreets.com/btx/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1625346&hilit=november&start=15#p6555845
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