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  1. Yeah, she was this cute little furball... everybody loved her... and even though she was 14, she still looked like a puppy. Full of energy... God, I miss her... BTW, both Honey and Gracie are gorgeous!
  2. Yeah, I lost my Daisy 4 years ago... and I still haven't gotten over it...
  3. Is the movie worth seeing? I mean, apart from the ridiculous ending
  4. Glad you enjoyed it! That's exactly why I despised her... Because up until then, she acted like she wasn't married... And it wasn't so much that she 'realized', but that she was cornered... I really do think that hadn't it been for that old bitch, she would've stayed in Ireland and married that Irish guy... I'm with you, though, it was a great movie
  5. I LOVE this album... especially that hauntingly beautiful version of Wild Horses (which is better than the original, imo).
  6. My earlier "You must be kidding" comment still stands, then
  7. You were giving me a hard time about Eagles... Let's just say I find it hard to believe that you would listen to Morello (who is nowhere near as good as those guys)
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