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  1. Enjoy! Spine tingling. https://mobile.twitter.com/_bands_fc/status/1183421563279945728?s=12
  2. Was at Claridges earlier when Bruce came out. Only about 8 of us out there. He took a few photos with people and signed a few things, but when I asked him for a selfie, his response was “No, I’m done!” Gutted. BUT, he did sign my Tunnel of Love LP, so, every cloud..... Going straight on my wall.
  3. Yes I’m going, obviously! Film starts at 9pm, I imagine I might get there a few hours before.
  4. In the words of Borat, VERY EXCITE!! En route as we speak. Today is a good day. It could be a great one!
  5. Yep, expect potential confirmation from De Niro that THAT famous Taxi Driver quote was ripped off from Bruce......
  6. Have a great time Rachel. NYC is my favourite place so I’m very jealous! Enjoy!
  7. Agreed, I love The Fuse and Further On (Up The Road) too. I could take or leave Mary’s Place and Waiting On A Sunny Day but I appreciate they are there to lighten the mood and Waiting let’s him get a kid out of the audience which is always great. I’d love to see him do Paradise.
  8. I’ve blasted the Because The Night out numerous times. His solo could be considered flawless. It pushes Nassau all the way!! And yes, I listen to it absolutely blaring!!!!
  9. I got mine too! Over the moon. Thanks for posting the link, absolute legend! Can’t wait!
  10. I’ve had this bootleg for a while so I’m very familiar with it, but the audio enhancements really catapult it to new levels of exceptional. I still think Winterland is a better bootleg though, and long for the day the HD archive is released. Still, very happy with this release. Delighted I have a top quality version of Meeting Across The River now.
  11. Best version of Backstreets for me is Boston ‘77. Unfortunately the bootleg I have is not great quality and there is some nutter driving people mad in the audience at the start. But the sad eyes part is the best I’ve heard him do, and the intro is mesmerising. ”and then she kissed me......”