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  1. I’ve asked for the album on LP for Christmas and I’ve got the CD for my dad and sister.
  2. Oh really? I’m late to the party, which is me in a nutshell!
  3. Can’t stop listening to this track off of Stevie’s new album. It’s a corker! It’s reminiscent of early Bruce! Feels like magic is in the air when I blast this out! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=481icsJw-SU
  4. But the subtext of be careful how you play might be, ‘playing around’. As in, be careful how you play around with having affairs. It’s literal meaning is the poolside sign, but it’s also a metaphor relating to affairs.
  5. I’m delighted there’s another rare live version of The Line out there now. Big fan of that track.
  6. Yes indeed. Good art is interpreted in various ways. Some like to think the spinning top in Inception toppled over. Others like to think it kept going. I like all theories to MM. And it’s definitely about how you interpret it.
  7. I doubt he’s running around town telling everyone he’s meeting a hooker at some run down motel. It’s certainly a secret to him!
  8. Not like that!!! In terms of the secret rendezvous!
  9. I’m not so sure. Why would he pour a third shot on the floor in memory of her? Wouldn’t he pour one for him, pour hers, and then just tip hers out (so he pours the second shot on the floor). I agree with others who think the third shot is pour out as a tribute to the place they shared their time together. whatever it is, it’s just another example of Bruce’s excellence, whereby he has written it in such a way which would allow enough ambiguity for it to be a number of variations. That’s what great writing is!
  10. Joking aside, MM is certainly reminiscent of ‘Reno’. It’s the song I thought about when I was analysing MM.
  11. OR, she’s married but he isn’t and she ended it after a while, to save her marriage. He’s still in love with her but he can’t be with her. The pain for him is tremendous but she tells him it’s better to have loved..... She agreed to meet him one last time at the place they spent so many happy moments together.
  12. This is how I interpret this beaut of a song. The MM is a secret getaway for our character and his lover. He’s married, but he’s in love with this mystery woman who he is having an affair with. “Your whispered secret I promised I’d never tell”. Also, if it was a normal relationship, why is he heading off to a desolate, run down motel with this secret woman? They don’t want anyone to know they are there. His real life is boring to him (bills and kids, kids and bills line refers to this), and the excitement he got from the affair made him feel alive. But he (or they) decided to end the affair because the guilt and morality built up and they couldn’t do it anymore. Years later, still married, he decides to meet her one last time back there, so they can reminisce on something that was more than just a lustful exchange. It was love, but they can’t be together because it will destroy their married lives and they don’t want to break up their families. Hence, it’s better to have loved...... Think about the line, “last night I dreamed of you, my lover” Why ‘lover’? why not ‘love’? If it was his wife/girlfriend, wouldn’t he refer to her as his love? For me this is a big clue. He had a wife, but he’s singing about his lover. Thats how I read it, and of course, I may be wrong, but I like to think this is the story Bruce is trying to tell with this one. Either way, it really is a gem of a track!!
  13. Enjoy! Spine tingling. https://mobile.twitter.com/_bands_fc/status/1183421563279945728?s=12
  14. Was at Claridges earlier when Bruce came out. Only about 8 of us out there. He took a few photos with people and signed a few things, but when I asked him for a selfie, his response was “No, I’m done!” Gutted. BUT, he did sign my Tunnel of Love LP, so, every cloud..... Going straight on my wall.
  15. Yes I’m going, obviously! Film starts at 9pm, I imagine I might get there a few hours before.