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  1. Busy working on helping bring Bruce to "MY HOMETOWN" - Winnipeg!

  2. Ordered 4 yesterday - 2 for me and 2 for him. Will be wearing them during our Springsteen2Winnipeg events. I know people will ask where we got them and we'll be happy to tell them. Wasn't sure about ordering international but process was smooth as a whistle plus the international postage was very, very reasonable. Too bad about the exchange though, that's add alot to the cost for us but oh! Well! Diane www.springsteen2wpg.ca
  3. Going to need a couple to wear over here in Canada when ready. Extra postage no prob!
  4. Was great to meet you too, Janice, along with Casino Nancy, and Ian.
  5. Job well done! Travelling in from Canada and used to lottery system and wasn't sure what to expect. Pit organizers in Cardiff and Wales have been superb! What a tough job!
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