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  1. There's money to be made, so of course there'll be a tour......either this year or next. $$$$$$$$$
  2. I’m thinking of visiting New York in the Spring - round Easter time. Does anyone think this could coincide with US dates, or will there be nothing until the Summer? Interested to know people’s thoughts.
  3. I really need to see it again, to be sure (which I am, on opening night). I agree with Does this bus stop about the Wayfarer and remember shedding a tear in Moonlight Motel, which seemed more romantic and less sad than the studio version. One thing I would say it that this film needs to be seen on a big screen. Do NOT wait for the DVD. The cinematography is astounding.
  4. I too saw it in London and was absolutely blown away by the beauty, honesty and sheer brilliance of the performances. I must be honest, when I heard he was releasing an album of the live songs from the film, I was sceptical and cynical. I thought it was the ultimate cash in exercise. Having heard the live versions (admittedly in perfect sound, through a giant cinema system), I will definitely be buying the sound track, and can't see me playing the original studio versions much in the future.
  5. Just looked at your last post, Kendo. Are you a fellow medic?