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  1. Interested to know if any people who went to the 5 Ireland shows were disappointed he did a second BTR rather than Darkness? I do feel for them somewhat. There was a lot of people that I met in the pit queue in Belfast who were off to all five. I really thought he would have done what he did in England where he did a different LP at each show.
  2. I'm not sure how geniune this is but someone on Gumtree has a bunch of tickets for £80 a piece. I'm dubious about it but I thought I'd post it. If I was closer to the venue I think I might take a punt on it but I've come into work today resigned to the fact I'm not going.
  3. I really enjoyed last night but I have to say I enjoyed the whole pit queue experience as well. I started roll call the night before at 7 and went to the show in the Kings Head between the slots. Thanks to Tony for a great evening. Everyone was so friendly the next day and the organisation and security were fantastic. They couldn't do enough to help us and it really makes a difference. Security are a bit like football referees. If you don't notice them they are usually doing a good job but these guys really went the extra mile to make sure the whole thing ran smoothly. The people organising the pit were equally brilliant. It was great to get a pre show as it was my first. I didn't enjoy the gig as much as the London shows and seem to be the only one that thought there was something missing on stage. The problem is the standards are so high and I thought Wembley was one of the best I have seen. I reckon he looked a bit jaded. He has had three night in really high temperatures and I wonder if thats why he paced his way through the set with some of the Nebraska stuff. To be honest it might have been me that was jaded from a day in the sun! For a change I thought the sound was spot on but Bruce seemed to be really struggling early on so I wonder if it was something in the monitors. Anyway, another terrific tour comes to an end for me and I have the Bruce Blues. It's been an amazing month since Wembley and it has really made my summer.
  4. I don't think you can blame people for wanting differing songs. Personally I loved BITUSA and Darkness at the two London shows but I'd prefer something different in Belfast.
  5. Great for the people of Limerick but I'm gutted as I wanted that one on Saturday after two London shows. I reckon its a banker that you'll see Darkness and BITUSA at the other two Ireland shows.
  6. Sorry for slacking, I'll give you an (almost) full HEARTS OF STONE from the gig in return Thanks, why do people go to a show early que to get into the pit and the talk when Bruce has come out early to play for them. What sort of fcking people queue up for a place in the pit and then talk over the pre show?
  7. Very excited about this evening. I'm off to Belfast on Saturday and hoping tonight may give us a clue to what might happen. If we get BITUSA, Darkness or BTR tonight I feel he could be going for one at each Irish town this week. I'm desperately hoping for something a bit different after seeing two of the three at the London shows. I just have a sneaky suspicion it'll be Darkness in Belfast or maybe tonight.
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