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  1. Yep, that's what he said. Do you remember where it is, Berlintramp? I've been going through my boots but there's too many and I didn't find it quickly.
  2. I don't mean to stop Cecilia Sweden's imagination from running wild, but Bruce mentioned this episode in a radio interview (maybe from '78?) that circulates as boot (I'll have a look if I can identify it reasonably quickly - I don't think it was a concert rap. But I know that I have it). He and his dad took a trip to Mexico, and when they got there they noticed that every other shop was a bodywork workshop, and that everybody drove like mad, so he thought the two were linked. They were approached by a guy who asked them if they wanted their photo taken with a zebra. He found that very funny so they said yes, and of course it was a painted donkey. He kept chuckling while telling the surreal story. I think this is the story of this pic.
  3. ono2u - 2 seated or standing twisty - 1 ticket the calvary - 2 standing or seated Bossman66 - 2 for friends Scottishjambo - 1 anywhere in venue Vuelo59 - 2 GAs Tricia 1 - standing or seated Rotten Johnny - 1 standing big biker oli - 2 seated for family doesthisbusstop - trade 2 seats for GA for parents Tigersam - 1 GA please Redsoxnation - 3 tickets Wingback - 1 GA please blinded - 2 GA or 1 anywhere allwaystired - 1 seated or standing EFC Refugee - 2 seated for family BIGGS14 - 1 ticket johnraiders - 1 GA Skiara - 1 GA Russell - 1 GA or seated Saint And Sinner - 1 GA please Joe.Roberts - 2 GA KrisFreebird - 2 GA or seated miamisteve - 1 GA benjoe - 1 GA amyj606 - 1 GA cabbyian - 1 ticket secretname - 1 GA turkued - 1 GA Elbow - 1 ticket CK420 - 2 GA soulsofthedeparted - 2 anywhere JayBee67 - 1 anywhere olli66 - 2 anywhere Basil -one anywhere Big Pete's Ticket agency - as many as possible.
  4. I will get a letter to them. I've just had a reply from Nick Clegg re the ticket situation but I have to contact my own MP which I have done. I was just thinking big...I have also been in touch with a site called Louder Than War - they maybe running something I've written on tickets and touts which is about Bruce but mentions other artists. I am just waiting to hear back you're a force of nature!
  5. In case you haven't seen this and want to be outraged: http://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/latest-news/top-stories/bruce-springsteen-leeds-arena-gig-ticket-on-sale-for-1-400-1-5821687 - parasites ripping people off in the black market are celebrated here - nothing wrong with what's going on, they don't even mention it's illegal, it's just a sign of success and they are proud of it. Some people have no shame. The Stones set their prices so that only rich people could get the tickets. Bruce didn't, but this article makes it sound like there's no difference and it's all good. Can somebody local (as many as possible - please flood them) write a stinking letter to the paper about the shoddy journalism and the outrageous tone of the article?
  6. I've written a few letters to live nation and a few MPs. I need to get in touch with some Leeds councillors just to try basicallyHi, anybody doing anything on this? amyj606, you mentioned a PM to casino nancy in a previous post. I'd welcome an update, especially if there's anything I can do to help. Irrespective of the chances of a drop, I think it would be good not to take it on the chin and kick up a fuss, just for future reference. The worst that can happen is that we waste a bit of energy. PM me if you prefer. THANKS!
  7. I've just spotted this on the Backstreets board: http://www.backstreets.com/btx/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=769790
  8. Very last post until Monday: my opinion is that we need to find out what is actually achievable apart from venting our frustration. We cannot argue against people who are not fans but have a ticket, including big wigs, fat cats, people who never listened to him before, etc., as long as they ARE going - they are entitled. I think the issue is people with tickets selling them above face value. It may be a silly idea, but my impression is that we need something that undercuts the touts and leaves them with worthless pieces of paper in their hands. I think it's worth looking into the implications (H&S? policing it? I don't know) of the organisers releasing as many tickets as there are on sale above face value on the secondary market. We need something that will make the touts think twice before "investing" on tickets next time. It may be pie in the sky, but we need to do some homework. Anybody with actual legal knowledge that can help out there? See you on Monday.
  9. The second one is very good and useful - thanks!!!. I'm signing off now until Monday, but I'll try and think of something. Do you think the promoter could (at least in theory) do some kind of audit of how many tickets are on sale above face value, and release as many, to undercut the touts? Any ideas?
  10. OK, so maybe we're on to something here. Can anybody find some reference for that? It would be great if we had that! We need a list of sponsors, of course First Direct, if we could have numbers and some evidence of tickets being on the secondary market before the actual sale then we could build something. I'm going to be away for a few days, but from next week I'm available to help building a case...
  11. It won't hurt either. We know that that's the reality of it, but elected officials and businesses still try (occasionally) to look good, or at least they don't like being publicly embarrassed. It may not go anywhere, but it's worth a try.
  12. Do you live in Leeds? Because the general rule is that you should go to the person(s) who have the most to lose if they ignore you, which means first of all your councillor(s) (meaning the ones elected in your ward), and then more high profile people like the Lord Mayor or people whose image would be damaged by a follow-up in the local press in case they do not respond. Unelected people couldn't care less. An aspect of this is obviously at national level, in that Leeds City Council has no power to police what Ticketmaster/Livenation do because tickets are sold on the internet not just in Leeds, but it is likely that a degree of corruption at local level has been taking place. So I'd suggest that local people start with their ward councillors and escalate from there: if they don't respond you write a letter to the local paper, and then do a press-release (I can help you with that) and try to get the paper run an embarrassing article. The angle needs to be exactly what you said above: the exclusion of honest, working people with average or below average incomes who cannot afford a ticket because these scumbags are allowed to run these scams and tickets are allowed to go to them while the authorities look on etc. etc.. And who knows... it may catch Bruce's eye...
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