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  1. Nice one Nicholas. Like it so much more than the earlier version - horns are great! Bruce vocals sound superb.
  2. Ace - there's one thing I agree with you about.
  3. I notice a lot of comments that seem to indicate the lake is full of people who 'hero-worship' Bruce - but I've no idea who those people are? Sure, people on here will talk about songs or shows they've enjoyed - and seeing as this is a Springsteen forum, isn't that to be expected? I don't get how that is so unusual. I'm all for critical discussion or debate, though that isn't how i would describe some of the recent threads. It all goes in cycles though and my take is that we're in one of those troughs just now.
  4. I've never been a massive fan of Rosalita. Back in the day, it was the one track I'd fast forward as I was really not bothered about the lengthy overblown version where he'd introduce the band. How i'd have loved a cd player then - it was always so bladdy hit and miss finding the end of that track - it went on forever!
  5. Magnus - I think I love you :-) This is EXACTLY the kind of post that draws me back to GL. Cheers mate - thoroughly enjoyed reading.
  6. Welby, I can only speak for myself. I think Reno is one of his finest songs. Brilliant story line with amazing guitar work. I'm on fire is another one I love. I think it may have been the Cavalry that mentioned the ambiguity with his lyrics. I think that ambiguity is there with the vast majority of his songs. I'm on fire is all about passion, desire, longing. For me, I've never felt that the 'little girl' line is anything other than a term of endearment in the same way that men and women refer to their partner as 'baby'. Personally, I think any link between "little girl" and underage sex in this song is quite ridiculous - BUT I think the ambiguity in his lyrics is a major part of his enduring appeal. It's one of the reasons I continue to find new meaning in songs that have travelled with me my entire adult life. So if others think that's what he's writing about, I can understand why they might be put off by that song. I'd be surprised if that was in Bruce's head when he wrote it.
  7. I think it was one of those rumours It was when he had his drinking problem or his Crystal Meth stage?
  8. Nope - simply don't believe it. Someone round here MUST have said he was a killer at some point.
  9. I suspect hardly any chance for Cardiff or Leeds - which makes it all the more special for Derek - he bloody well deserves to get this one Why no chance for Cardiff or Leeds? He might play it at both.. who knows? I'd love it if he does. I've just a feeling he won't - that's all.
  10. I suspect hardly any chance for Cardiff or Leeds - which makes it all the more special for Derek - he bloody well deserves to get this one
  11. Twitter reports that the song was played specifically for him BRILLIANT - I'm totally made up for him. He's brilliant organising the queues and I know he wanted this one. He was the first person I thought of when I saw this on the set list. Bladdy hell - knowing that nothing might ever top it - I hope he doesn't decide to jack in any future Bruce gigs and still keeps his role as queue-meister.... (I know, me me me ;o) Well done mate. Couldn't be happier if I were twins.
  12. Does any know if Derek is there??? I sooo hope he is - I know he wanted to hear Price you Pay.
  13. There is a pit. Hey Tony - good to see ya I'm block 330 so v similar I imagine to this photie - looking good .....
  14. Sorry for slacking, I'll give you an (almost) full HEARTS OF STONE from the gig in return Thanks, why do people go to a show early que to get into the pit and the talk when Bruce has come out early to play for them. What sort of fcking people queue up for a place in the pit and then talk over the pre show?They're probably wondering why he's on so early and where the rest of the band are! Or they think he's the support act.....
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