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  1. I have tri-citizenship, including the USA. So I’m lucky enough to be able to come and go as I please. Feel sorry for everyone who can’t.
  2. I just read this. What a pile of garbage from someone taking an elitist position in an effort to impress. It might work better if you knew the appropriate use of a comma. I consider Wrecking Ball to be one of Bruce's greatest works. It was poignant, topical, and many of the songs were great live. Of course you love Nebraska, that's the "intellectual" thing to say. I disagree but if you like that type of thing, fine. I saw two shows on the first run and liked it enough I'm boarding a plane to cross the Atlantic this week, against medical advice, to see it two more times. It obviously sucks. An old man with a guitar telling the story of his life. Why would anyone go? I don't criticise things I've never seen or experienced. I also don't worship artists; it sort of conflicts with my religious upbringing. This show inspires and represents the best of Springsteen. It ties together his life, his message and his works. It is the punctuation of everything he has done. It's brilliant. Of course, what do I know? I've actually seen the show. Have you?
  3. E-Mail from the theater: Masks now need to be worn in the theater, included while seated during the show, except while “actively”eating or drinking. That’s on top of the vax requirement. I was going to wear a mask anyway, but I know this might reasonably impact others decision to attend.
  4. I’m an emo kid at heart. After Bruce I go down to Philly for the Sad Summer Festival. Good to see Bruce in touch with his emotions. That’s been several decades in the coming. Sounds like I’m going to be right at home at Springsteen on Broadway, mark 2. Excited!
  5. It's just not true. Your App account is linked to your credit card, residence and phone/text number. If you don't want to do what I described above best go to the box office. A UK Apple account can not download from the US apple store even if you are in the middle of Times Square. If you go through the GL archives there are lots of discussions about the fevrseof this, in 2015 Americans in the UK still unable to get the TM UK app. Good news? They'll give you a hard ticket at the box office that you'll have as a momento!
  6. Much of the world is allowed entry to the United States. All U.S. citizens, regardless of where they live, are allowed entry to the U.S.A. The rest of the world can come, as well, unless they have been in China, Schengen, the U.K., Ireland, Brazil, South Africa or India ( https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/from-other-countries.html ). Travel from Canada and Mexico is also barred, except for essential travel. Today. Next week, who knows? As a dual citizen, one of which is U.S., I'm allowed in, despite living in the U.K. That can't change. There's a lot of gray. Travelling for medical care is an exception, for example. Have a student visa? Welcome to America. The way I read the law is if you can document a podiatrist appointment, any medical appointment, you are allowed in. My problem right now is the airline I was flying on, Aer Lingus, just dropped all flights from Manchester to the U.S.A. I'm not interested in connecting service as that's another jurisdiction I'd have to deal with. But... We're all taking a risk of being denied entry to the country. Or of flights being cancelled. There's also the possibility that a new variant hits New York and the show shuts down. I'm happy to have something to look forward to. If Virgin Atlantic cancels the only nonstop left between Manchester and the U.S. I'll probably cancel my trip. My personal risk assessment won't put my body on a train to London. That's likely where I contracted COVID the first time. Probably psychological with me, more than anything else, but it's there. I respect everyone's views on all of this. I'm headed to a few festivals after Bruce, and a few club concerts, as well. I've largely been cooped in a small flat for fifteen months, except for the month I was in the hospital with COVID. If I wind up singing Thunder Road by myself outside of a cancelled show or in detention at JFK...I'm good. But by September I do expect there to be some positive changes in international travel, Biden and Johnson spoke about opening a US-UK air corridor, enough doom and gloom. Let's just hope everyone can get in the country and the show! And he plays Harry's Place. Once. When I'm there. On Broadway, on tour, in his bathroom with a live stream. Hearing that song live is one of my life's very small goals. Pre-show on Broadway anyone?
  7. I managed to get Seat Geek on my U.K. iPhone. I'm not sure about Android, but for Apple this is what you need to do: 1. Go to settings - media and purchases - sign out 2. Go to settings - Apple ID - sign out 3. Create a new Apple account with a different e-mail address. Gmail is fine. To do this you need to be able to receive a call or a text at a U.S. phone number. Google U.S. phone number. I got one for one month for $7.99 from a company called United World Telecomm. The number is a U.S. number but will ring in the U.K. 4. Once you have created a new Apple ID on your phone, go back to settings-your name-media and purchases and change the location of your account from United Kingdom (if that's where you are) to United States. 5. You should then be able to go to the App Store and download Seat Geek. 6. After you've done that sign out of your new Apple ID and then sign in with your old Apple ID. Your Seat Geek app will remain even though you are back to your U.K. account - At some point it will ask you for a U.S. address. Get a zip code and city and you can make up the street. - At some point it will ask you for a credit card. You can decline and everything else works OK. I know it's complicated, costs money and takes over an hour. I'm not into Android so I don't know if a burner pay as you go phone would work. With Apple the key is not the phone, it's the country your Apple ID is associated with. A new Apple ID appears to be the solution. You can get one linked to the U.S. if you can receive, or have a friend who can receive and immediately get the codes they send to you, a call or text at a U.S. number. I hope this helps someone. I also did the same on my iPad so now have Seat Geek there as well. FWIW I'd prefer to camp out overnight at the box office for tickets. It was easier. (While in the US store you might also want to download the US Ticketmaster app, which is different than the UK Ticketmaster, in case it's needed for future tours.)
  8. It’s never a Springsteen event without ticketing issues. Rachel earlier brought up an issue relevant to non US residents: Seat Geek’s lack of existence outside the United States. I had telephoned them and was told I would be able to access our tickets through our browser. That information is incorrect. My latest message from Seat Geek is that we would be able to access their app from the App Store when we were in the US with a US IP address. That’s factually incorrect, something I’ve verified with Apple. Your App Store is linked to your country of residence regardless of where you are in the world. The IP address is irrelevant. Without accessing the app with a US mobile number we are also unable to transfer or sell the ticket should pandemic rules change, we get sick etc. As usual, bush league. We were the guinea pig for verified fans and now that it works for Ticketmaster we go to a ticket scalping service for first sales. Those who need a visa to enter the US, not me, are often asked for proof of ticket before being allowed to enter the country. Not happening. So Seat Geek managed to make an exception to take money from internationals, they just have not figured out how to get us our tickets. In the year 2021. Ridiculous.
  9. Part of me died during the pandemic. I’m hoping Bruce helps me find that essential part of myself that I’ve lost. That’s worth getting another shot, flying across the ocean, and having an intimate experience with a man who has inspired me, made me think and caused me to act upon my beliefs. I’ll be in a 75 dollar seat one night, a 100 dollar seat the next night to learn from a man who has taught be much about being a man. Now how to get him to play Harry’s Place. This is the mystery and the challenge.
  10. Am I missing something here? So you go to Seat Geek and look for Bruce tickets and tons are available: for marked up prices ($1,000 for a balcony ticket, anyone?). So the original seller is now the re-seller? Ticketmaster and Stubhub as one, with no limit on mark up's? This is just plain wrong.
  11. Sure. My first shot was Astra Zeneca. It put me back in the hospital. The NHS didn't get the message that those recovering from severe COVID should wait at least 90 days before getting an AZ shot. No way I was getting another AZ. So, little known fact, although the NHS advises you get two of the same shot it's not a rule. So I refused another AZ, wrote to my CCG, and presto, I got Pfizer. Little did we know we were apparently giving me superior protection ( https://www.dw.com/en/mix-and-match-vaccines-biontech-astrazeneca-better-than-one-shot/a-57819127 ). But that's still not good enough for Bruce. You can get another shot after 28 days. In my case, it is argued I have yet to have a full vaccine from anyone. Under strict NHS rules, that's true. In New York, Columbia University is not accepting those who have been fully vaccinated with non FDA vaccines. Those students will not be able to attend class until they have another complete course of vaccination (hopefully J and J). I'll be getting a booster in the fall, anyway. We all will be in the UK. I'll just make this second Pfizer my booster. The other alternative is to get a forged form, readily available where I live, but that doesn't jibe with my moral values. I'm not Harry and this isn't my town. Although if it were Bruce would be singing Harry's Place nightly. I was able to get two $100 tickets. Strange price point, in the center of the balcony, first row. If they won't let me in because they don't like the NHS certification, no big. I don't have $1700 invested. I do have a law degree and if I'm not refunded upon refusal I like suing people. Bit of a personality disorder. We all need to remember one thing: this isn't Bruce, it isn't the theatre, this isn't Seat Geek. They started with WHO approved vaccines. These rules come from the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, and his people. In Boston, Fenway Park is full, they've done such a great job vaccinating people, no proof is required. Both the Moderna and J & J vaccines were invented in Boston. Shame those in the wilds of Albany aren't as efficient. Now getting Rachel in the country, with her Pfizer's, is our next collective challenge. Mexico is still open so perhaps a summer journey across the Sonoran desert, over the fence...all in honour of Bruce's western themed new music?
  12. Hi Rachel, I have the same problem. I called and was told the tickets would be available from inside our browser after we complete a COVID questionaire within 24 hours of the show. Feel secure? Will you be able to get into the U.S.A.? Congrats on getting the "right" vaccine. I'll be getting a third shot to please the Americans. That will give me one Astra Zeneca, two Pfizer and a ton of immunity from when COVID killed me. Fortunately I became un-dead. Good luck with everything!
  13. Waiting room NOW open. If you are trying to get tickets get to the site immediately!
  14. True. Of course, that Belgian subsidiary produced a vaccine developed and invented in Boston ( https://bit.ly/2SszVie ). And Budweiser is giving away free beer if 70% of Americans are vaccinated by July 4th. Wonder if my proof of vaccine will be sufficient to drink? Good luck everyone getting tickets! Yes, I will be in the queue. There is plenty of time to get the rules changed and, if that doesn't work, lots of Lakers I'm sure would want whatever tickets I come up with. After beating Qualified Fan status last time with Ticketmaster we go onto Seat Geek - with no advance notice of pricing structure. So glad to be working with a company whose core business is ticket touting. So much wrong...
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