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  1. And I respect those who have a different take on things, as well.
  2. No. Everything, and in the most aggressive manner possible. I had a video up of the Belfast pre-show. No longer. The fact Universal didn't own the coipyright on part of the performance didn't matter to them. Even when I challenged them to prove ownership they persisted in their claim without doing so. So far Google, owners of YouTube, has sided with their corporate friend. I'm an attorney with a background in i.p. and some of the crap they have been sending me has no basis in law. It's pure intimidation. I don't monetarize concert videos. That would be wrong. I do have a bunch of other non music videos up that do provide me with some income. I should say did. I now have a copyright strike thanks to Bruce Inc. He's literally taking money from me. All they had to do was ask me to take it down and I would have. But no, direct, punitive action. So... 1. I'm taking down all my Springsteen videos, 2. I'll continue to pursue this through the ADR processes, 3. I'm done with a man I now consider a fraud. I should note that there is a valid defence against the copyright claim of Universal in the particular video in question. No full songs were involved, only small chunks. it was part of a vlog about the uniqueness of Bruce's pre-shows. It's fair dealing. I have over 1,400 music videos on YouTube. During the last U2 tour I used the platform to distribute Mr. MacPhisto's, a Bono character, artistic attacks on some of the right wing candidates in Brasil and the United States. One went viral, wound up on Brasilian national TV. A member of the U2 staff tracked me down and thanked me. U2 thanks me, Bruce does his thing. Yes, I flew across the ocean and paid a ton of money to see Springsteen on Broadway. There were those in this community who criticised the high prices as a money grab. I ignored them. It was Bruce, after all. Well... I'm done. Bruce Inc. could have done what every other band does, save a few exceptions: claim the copyright and make money from our work. If he was going to persist in having the videos taken down he simply could have asked me to do so. It's happened a few times in the past and, of course, I complied. Not Bruce. I'll recover, he won't. While he's been off doing his exclusive shows the world has moved on. YouTube is a promotional vehicle for most acts. Bruce is a dinosaur for folks under 35. There's a reason he can't fill arenas in much of the United States. Outside of a few markets, here in Europe his stadium days are done. Wrecking Ball was a brilliant commentary for our times. During the Trump era, Bruce has been relatively quiet while his ex-business partner, one who I have no doubt he opposes politically, does his thing. Yes, ex-business partner. TRO promoted some of his mid '80's Giants Stadium gigs. Bruce has become irrelevant and silent. I wonder why? I remember the Bruce who sued to try to prevent the Ticketmaster - Live Nation merger. Now he sells Ticketmaster Platinum tickets for seats on the floor of stadiums. Verified fan which empowers the Ticketmaster data base, instead of the Glastonbury model, very adaptable for a small theatre, which is more effective against resales, and does not. Broadway ticket prices. Now a "new" album of songs he apparently wrote years ago. Old songs by an old man for...packaged as new. No thanks. Looking forward to seeing Jake and Max and Garry, most of all Garry, on tour. As for Bruce, no thanks. A man who literally sues his fans, contrary to what virtually every other act does, is not worth my time. I hope he enjoys his daughters horse jumping. If he's lucky, maybe she can marry into the Royal Family. They do things like that. May he be happy and enjoy his wealth. Bruce should be careful, though. Many in the internet community don't like high handed corporate i.p. enforcement. Wouldn't it be a shame if his own web site was taken down by a few well intentioned individuals? I, of course, would oppose any such action. But karma is strange... Peace all and enjoy our memories, because in Bruce-land they are a lot better than the present. And for those waiting for the next tour here in Europe, be sure to buy all your tickets for all shows at Ticketmaster. Forget Eventim, See and other vendors. Only tickets bought through Ticketmaster count in the Verified Fan algorithm, which they will be rolling out in the 4th quarter of this year in Europe. Forget the principles that caused Bruce to sue Ticketmaster and get with the new program...
  3. You left out the tour finale...Moon, November 5th.
  4. Finally. Now will he finally announce the obvious: the High Hopes tour is coming to Europe in 2019. We've waited long enough. Is Frankie still in love? Are they still Harry's girls? Do we not need the wisdom of "This Is Your Sword" more than ever? This album only got played in Aussie-NZ. That's not fair. Harry has never been played live. That's not right. Before dismissing this, listen to the friggen album again. It's damn good, better than a lot of stuff he did in the '90's. Sort of flew under the radar. Finish Broadway, celebrate the holidays and get over here with or without the band. High Hopes for Europe. We've waited long enough! (Does that This Hard Land video get anyone else's juices flowing? Memories of Kilkenny. It's time.)
  5. One thing to consider: Where CAN Bruce go from here? BITUSA will maximise revenues. He may be able to play stadiums with it. Fairly short, stadium tour, US-Europe 2019. Example: U2 Joshua Tree Tour. 2017. Then the new album, arena tour. Example: U2 2018 Neither band can fill stadiums regularly in all parts of the country / world. It takes the mega album. In the States, I'm quite sure we'll see seats on the field, Platinum seats etc. Perhaps Golden Circle in Europe. Personally, I won't be going to a nostalgia show. I look forward to new, timely music. I hope we get it sometime.
  6. The rest of the world has an obligation to force the United States to honour its treaty obligations. In 1995 the United States signed the Convention on the Right of the Child. Article 9 (1) requires that "States Parties shall ensure that a child shall not be separated from his or her parents against their will", subject to derogations that relate to the safety of the child. Article 9(3) requires "States Parties shall respect the right of the child who is separated from one or both parents to maintain personal relations and direct contact with both parents on a regular basis, except if it is contrary to the child's best interests.". The recent American policy has placed the United States in violation of its treaty obligations in both cases. Hopefully, President Trump's Executive Order will eventually bring the United States into compliance. We in the international community need to monitor it's compliance. November will be a defining election, for the United States and the world. This is not about policy, it is about orientation. Under President Trump the United States "America First" policy has made the rest of the world "the other". If the American people chose to move in this direction, that is their right. It will then be time, though. for the rest of us to react and exclude the United States and it's citizens from those institutions designed to further and progress western liberal democratic values. Bruce speaks, the President caves. Life is as it should be. May it continue.
  7. With the Asbury appearance and this comment it almost feels like Bruce has ditched the sedatives someone has had him on. Welcome back Bruce! It may be too much to ask, but your country needs you and your common sense leadership. Bono can't save the world by himself. You picked your spot well. I was taken from my mother at birth and put into an orphanage before months later being adopted. It's still inside me. This evil much stop.
  8. As Bruce has made it clear that there is separation between himself and the E-Street Band, I'd suggest it can go both ways. I'd love to see an E-Street Band tour without Bruce...a mixture of their solo stuff, covers, whatever works. They are the best "bar band" out there and I'd love to see them play together without the lead. Anyone else?
  9. Hi JMW, Yup, the threat to sue prompted the Wall Street Journal article which, I believe, led to changes in the second round and now. Even Ticketmaster is not above the law (although I'm sad to see Bruce becoming one of their big supporters; it wasn't so long ago he was leading the push back against them). A bit melancholy; lots of great memories, but I'm afraid the long shows, the stadium shows may be gone. Age sucks. If he does go out for BITUSA...well, there is only one Bruce album I don't like. It will be a thrill to see him next week and, perhaps, if I'm lucky to get a seat and he does come to London one more time. If past is any indication, the London shows will be in the "intimate" European venue of the O2 arena, thus bolstering all our chances to see him.
  10. I appreciate the review S2S. My chance is next week. I actually agree with those who have knocked Mr. Springsteen for the pricing and location of this event, but not for doing it. There are larger theaters, there are places closer to his home that would have less of a fixed cost. None would provide the x factor that Broadway provides though. When Bruce signs with HBO or similar firm for a one off and/or releases the video the location is a plus. Fine. This is a business. U2 is pricing balcony seats for their upcoming tour at $330. That's arena balcony. Scandalous. To their credit they do have a lot of cheaper seats and have kept GA on the floor at $80. I have no trouble with Bruce $850 top seats, would be fine if they were a grand or more - if they scaled the rest of the house lower. The fact there are only two rows of lower priced tickets is not acceptable to me. Yet I'm going, frankly in seats I can't afford but I'm going. Why? To say good bye. He tells us he hasn't written in five years. He feels no need to comment musically on the current political scene. The way the last tour ended, the four hour shows featuring the classics. Videos show him walking in a way that suggests continued back problems. It's been a long and glorious run, tons of fun, even more contemplation, but it's over. The book, this show: a very unique way to define his story and his legacy in his own way. Long after Bruce and most of us are gone I suspect this production will be brought back, with Bruce clones, following the script, telling the story. This has been done for others but what's unique is the original here was performed and written by the star. That's pretty damn special. Next week I will don a suit, put on my Sunday best and go to Broadway to see a show, hear a story and listen to some songs. I will rejoice in this man's life, be thankful his has impacted mine in such a major way, will reflect on that but then cut the ties. If there are future concerts and shows, which on a full scale basis I doubt, I won't be there. I don't want to see the "Fat Elvis" version of Bruce and I don't think he wants any of us to. This is a pretty neat way of letting us in so we can let go. It's time. (For those who feel differently, full props to you. Just explaining why I'm spending money that I really don't have to see the show. After around 200 shows this will be it for me. With gratitude for one last chance to reflect and, by my presence, say 'thanks').
  11. You've captured my thoughts, mostly, as well. Go. Maybe we're both wrong but if this is sort of a good bye, I'd like to say it back. Along with 'thank you'.
  12. Sorry...new category: Verified non-fans. "I an effort to expand his audience and win converts, Ticketmaster has announced that verified non-fans will receive priority for tickets for the third leg of Springsteen's Broadway run. Only those who have never bought Springsteen tickets or merchandise will be given an access code for the sale. Due to technical limitations, fans of Bruce Hornsby and Lenny Bruce will likewise be excluded. It is hoped this new policy will allow for increased merchandise sales as, by definitions, attendees will own nothing Bruce branded".
  13. I've seen a few videos of him exiting the Kerr - he's walking very funny. Who knows? Just wishing him the best and hope he's not in too much pain. I don't need to know the details, I just hope he takes care of himself. This Broadway schedule is a bit OTT for someone his age, regardless of condition.
  14. I've always looked at this as a form of closure, for Bruce and for us. We know he hasn't written songs in five years. We know his back is shot - rumours of past surgery are out there. If he does go on the road with a greatest hits, or BITUSA, for example, set, then I'll be skipping that. I feel the same way about a solo acoustic tour of old songs. Wrecking Ball was timely, had great hits, he had something to say and I wanted to hear. I really enjoyed The River tour when it was The River: it was old but many of the songs had been played rarely and lyrically were great. When he switched it to a greatest hits set in Europe: I lost interest. I went, from Barcelona to Zurich, but only Paris II was special. I was looking at my watch a lot in Zurich. I look at Broadway as a chance to say good bye. Perhaps I'm wrong - heck I'd love to hear some of the High Hopes songs that only the Aussies and Kiwis got - but it's good to have that chance in a small theater in this way. I wish Bruce all the best, but I think we all need to realise that the last American swing had all those incredible songs from the first two albums for a reason, the same reason he was going four hours a night: good chance he won't be coming that way again. I hope I'm wrong. Not sure even he knows. Until then... How do I get Harry's Place in the Broadway set? Failing that, I'll take Maria's Bed. Must be stories behind those two songs. I'll always be a fan, but I can't justify spending more money or time on the same old same old. Who knows?: How About Bruce on Broadway: The Sequel. Little known songs from his past. That I'd go to.
  15. ...through June on Broadway? https://www.broadwayworld.com/article/Bruce-Springsteen-to-Extend-His-Run-on-Broadway-20171017