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  1. 4 minutes ago, rosiejaneymary said:

    @Ann Jones, I've used Stub Hub in NYC a few times over the years, as have many of my friends, and nobody has ever had an issue.  

    Do we know, from those who did get tickets, how those tickets are being distributed?  If they are being mailed, or can be printed off your computer, there's no way anyone can check for ID.  

    I hope all goes well!!  

    U2 tried to do ID checks, GA's were credit card plus ID,  in Vancouver, it failed ( http://vancouversun.com/entertainment/music/big-crowd-for-u2-long-lines-ahead-of-show-time-outside-bc-place ).

    In 2007 NY repealed the anti-scalping laws. That makes re-sales legal. However, your terms of contract (the small print) of TM sales, boilerplate language, prohibits resale. NY did not positively state you can re-sell, just that it is not illegal to do so. The ToS can still prohibit.

    It feels like the rules here are being made up as they go along. I doubt they are going to ID - if they caught re-sales it would make it seem as if the Verified program did not work. However...

    Twice I've been denied admission on StubHub sales. On both occasions they refunded my money, but no more. I've used them successfully well over 50 times. They are IMHO the best of the secondary firms. 

    Good luck, everyone, no matter how you try to get in. Let's hope Bruce is putting as much effort into the show itself as our lot is in getting tickets. :)

  2. 2 hours ago, Rory 7 said:

    Got a response just now. Standard mail but perhaps a chink of light, this was in the body of the mail...


    For all of our international fans, who were verified and selected, that experienced trouble either receiving a code or purchasing tickets. We have you all logged and are investigating this as we speak. We hope to have a wonderful result for you all as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused

    We knew they knew when we got the email which suggested we would get priority this week.

    The wording here suggests it has come from a call centre on the subcontinent. The respondent actually read your e-mail.

    I'm making calls to TM headquarters today, once Los Angeles wakes up. I've been stalking the internet for direct numbers to TM executives. I also have an interview set up with the L.A. Daily News. 

    In the end, I expect nothing. Just going through the motions to make my day in court a bit more interesting and embarrassing for TM.

    Full props to Rory for maintaining his effort. Who knows? Perhaps they will have things fixed tomorrow and Thursday.

    I bought tickets for three future concerts today. I used AXS for one, See tickets for two others, In the past I would have used Ticketmaster for all three. One of the problems here is that in the States venues can have exclusive agreements with ticket providers. So, for example, getting tickets for the Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas I had to use Ticketfly. To get tickets for the day part of the IHeartRadio Festival I was required to use TM. In the UK exclusive providers are considered an antitrust/competition law violation and are prohibited.

    I've found TM UK to be slightly better than TM USA. Perhaps that is why.

    Until tickets are issued, and the first shows take place, I'd be wary about buying them on the secondary market. The T's and C's prohibit resale. They could add further security (ID checks, for example) and you'd have no recourse. Unlikely but...  

  3. 35 minutes ago, QuinnG said:

    Ha - I was really looking for a response from someone who had been successful. The problem is: when you enter your mobile number, do you enter the International code, then 44 and drop the first 0 - Their support page is not clear about this and I was wondering if this could be why some people are not getting their text messages and codes outside the USA.

    Has anyone been successful?

    The backup plan was supposed to be an email if the phone didn't go through. Didn't happen. Americans on holiday Monday. I've been sourcing private emails and phone numbers of TM bigwigs. On Tuesday morning I'll start calling and writing to try to get them to deal with this situation on the front end. Europeans are people too. Good luck!

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  4. 9 minutes ago, ABZMike said:

    It's the usual shambles. But there is the simple solution of printing the purchaser name on the ticket to be verified on venue entry. At s small theatre easy to do. 

    Credit card entry doesn't work at large venues because it's not practical to check everyone's ID. U2 tried in Vancouver this year, it was a mess, and ID's were no longer checked for the rest of the tour (to date). Ticket brokers then got around the c.c. issue by using Visa gift cards to buy tickets on and then sending the card to the buyer so without the ID check it didn't do much of anything.

    For the small theatre, though, I think it might have worked. No problem checking a thousand people alerted to get there early, or at least there should not be.

    Verified is going to be particularly problematic in Europe, where in many countries exclusive ticketing agreements are illegal. For example, in Leeds at the arena Bruce played I can source tickets to the same show from Eventim (the preferred ticketed), Ticketmaster, See Tickets, Ticketline etc. There is no central database. Merch sales? That would drive down sales on site if the only "credits" one got were online orders. Venues would not like that.

    Glastonbury has the only ticketing system I find reasonably successful in beating both bots and touts. You pre-register (as with verified) but with a passport photo as part of the process. It's a complicated process involving sales, resales, deposits but bottom line: your photo is on the ticket. This defeats both bots and re-sales. That could have been employed here. Except...

    Ticketmaster owns some of the major secondary ticketing sites. They profit from resales if, as c.c. tickets do, they can tie everything into their ecosystem.

    It should be noted Bruce has been very vocal in the past opposing TM tactics ( http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/celebritynews/4520960/Bruce-Springsteen-furious-at-Ticketmaster.html ) . He also was very vocal opposing the TM - Live Nation merger. 




  5. 12 hours ago, Raced Off The Street said:

    @Turkued I'm happy to cite multiple examples of case law (primarily UK cases seeing as you mentioned lodging in the UK small claims court system) but I really do think you're barking up a hopeless tree here, however just we may all think the cause might be. I'm sure @Growin' Up can add further European precedent perspective if required also. At the end of the day, until the tickets are in a shopping cart and you click the button that says "buy now", it's not a contract.......

    Agreed. The only conceivable obligation, and it's sketchy, was to provide us with a code. I have an email chain where TM admits they promised to do so and failed. There's enough there where it's not going to be labeled frivolous. At that point economics suggest it will be in the company's interest to make folks happy. Lawsuits are filed for many reasons, prevailing in the lawsuit at times is not the preferred or rationale goal. For example, if Ryanair loses your bag their company policy is not to pay you compensation unless you sue them (or otherwise create problems). Once you file, they pay. The lawsuit serves a function other than actually intending to go to trial. TM is trying to use these ticketing schemes to further monopolise their hold on the ticket industry. We're small potatoes. If we go quietly nothing will happen. That we've yelled, gotten the Wall Street Journal involved, made them aware of potential legal action: let's hope they do the right thing next week. I'm not skipping another day of work and I'm not sure I even want to go anymore. Will think about it on the weekend. Even if I do, no guarantee I'll be selected again or would receive a code that led to two tickets. I just want to ensure that others in a similar situation, here in particular, are dealt with properly. If "verified" is the future, and it appears to be (see Taylor Swift), we need to call them on crap like this before it becomes an acceptable norm. Creating cost, such as legal expenses our negative publicity, is the one way to do it, even if it's largely a waste of time individually for those pursuing it.

    (Better buy that ugly merchandise. To be elevated in the Taylor Swift algorithm in verified, march sales count as well. If this is truly the future, count me out).

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  6. 12 hours ago, Raced Off The Street said:

    As pissed off as much as you are, as a fellow lawyer (booooo, hisssssss!!!!) I wonder are you confusing an invitation to treat with an actual contract? Umpteen examples of US, but especially U.K. And Irish case law would suggest that a severely caveated offer of a code (with no guarantee of a ticket), as was the case here, doesn't fulfill the offer/acceptance/consideration criteria required under most contract law jurisdictions (I am, of course, open to persuasion, but if it was my billable hours at stake I wouldn't be touching this absent a firm offer of specific performance)

    Agreed. A few screwy cases out there to get it past the laugh test. Would I win? Doubtful, although a default wouldn't surprise me given their arrogance. Forcing them to defend, to not be able to screw with people without consequence, is the goal. Mistakes happen, if they make it right at the next go round I'll drop it. If they screw the same people over again, Leeds in February is...well, grey. 

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  7. Just now, Growin' Up said:

    UEA, Bristol and Leuven.  Trained at a top 50 law firm and currently an Associate. 

    Keep us appraised of your case!  We could do with a laugh!

    :). That is the right attitude! If I force them to hire a local suit and actually think about this I'll take that as a victory. If it costs me a few hundred quid, no big. Last time Bruce was in Leeds we ticketed his van. Very provincial here. :)

  8. 24 minutes ago, Ann Jones said:

    I'm sure you know what you are doing. I hope you will post regular updates for us.

    Good luck, i think most people love it when the 'little guy' takes on a big corporation.

    Absolutely Ann.

    We're all in this together. If it was just me I'd forget it and move on. When I read Rory7, though, it inspired me. If not me who, if not now when?

    It does appear they are waking up a bit. I directed them to this thread yesterday. I received an email an hour ago telling me that they would be contacting people. Now let's see what happens going forward. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, Growin' Up said:



    If what you have posted is not in jest, you will simply be wasting money.  You may as well burn a stack of notes.   Or send them to me. 

    Your law degree is from?

    I can bring them to court, I can use discovery to force them to release records, I can cost them thousands of quid if they insist on being assholes and monopolists. I can do it in a city where the venue is run by a competitor of Live Nation, TM's owner. We're not exactly Live Nation country.

    Welcome to Leeds, Americans. 

    (BTW, I don't charge myself for representing myself. Filing fees are a fraction of what Bruce's tickets cost. And if they don't show up, a distinct possibility considering their ineptness to date...default judgements are always nice to have. :) ).

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  10. 35 minutes ago, Rory 7 said:

    Excellent post. I'm with you 100%. I am going to file with the small claims court in Ireland. This organisation needs to be shamed. They openly facilitate touting on Stubhub and now their Verified Fan system has simply been an abuse of fans. I'm not letting this go either. If court starts some kind of campaign I'm prepared to go that route too.

    Happy to share my legal briefs etc. with you.

    Ticketmaster is not against touting, they are against other companies providing touting services. In the UK they own GetmeIn and Seatwave, Stubhub competitors. In the States, check out some of the U2 shows: they list their resales, at inflated prices, on the same stadium maps they have their standard seats. Yup, $900 re-sales next to $180 standard tickets. Against touting?

    In this latest venture only past purchases on TM are considered when establishing your fandom. Knowing this, next tour who are you going to buy your tickets from? That's all it is about: establishing as much of a monopoly as they can get. 

    Doesn't have anything to do with our situation, but if I have to go to court I welcome them to wrap their negligence up in an anti-tout veneer.

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  11. 36 minutes ago, Pullinouttahere said:

    It seems like you have an excellent case. Have you checked their small print Ts and Cs? (something like "Ticketmaster will not accept any responsibility for codes going astray" etc etc.....)

    They are big on registering does not guarantee you a code and a code does not guarantee you a ticket. They never appear to have thought of we're not liable for sending you a code once we promised to send you a code. :)

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  12. 3 hours ago, Rory 7 said:

    I don't mind not getting tickets for Broadway. These things happen. If I had received a mail yesterday saying I was on Standby I would have said "Ok, fingers crossed". But I didn't. I received mail saying I was Selected and that I would get a code to go and buy tickets. Or at least try and buy tickets. Those codes never arrived and I can get NO respone from Ticketmaster in response to this. Its treating fans like absolute crap and if Springsteen.Net had an ounce of respect for us they wouldn't be sending spam mails selling their poxy hoodies. They'd be sending us mails apologising for yesterday and trying to fix it. Disgraceful. Verfied Fans? Verified Mugs is what we are.

    I'm in exactly the same situation. I relied upon their promise to send me a code, lost wages as I didn't go to work, then was not sent a code. I've gotten nothing but  a run around from Ticketmaster ever since.

    Today is data collection day: addresses / phone numbers. Tomorrow I will be sending Ticketmaster a 14 day Intent to Sue notice, notification of which is required under British law. As some standby recipients did get tickets, if I had been sent a code I would have been able to purchase tickets. I had no date or price restrictions. My loss due to Ticketmaster's negligence in not sending me a code, and they have admitted in writing they did not send me a code, is the equivalent to the market value of the tickets per the secondary sites. I'll be asking for that in damages. I likely will buy tickets on the secondary market as mitigation and then demand reimbursement plus damages.

    Hopefully this will prompt a response and we'll negotiate an agreement relative to the next round of ticketing. Any agreement will have to apply to you, Rory, and everyone else who had this happen to them. Otherwise I will take great delight in forcing Ticketmaster USA to appear in a British court. Well worth the filing fees. The claim is valid, they accepted my British address during registration and marketed these tickets to me here thus giving UK courts jurisdiction...

    I don't like taking this approach but as Ticketmaster is ignoring us, ignoring our tweets, emails etc. this might be the only way to either get their attention or cause them harm. 

    For those not following, this is the situation several of us found ourselves in:

    1. We registered with our non-USA addresses and phone numbers. Upon inquiry we were told that was fine, if they could not contact us by phone they would send the code by email;

    2. On the 29th we were sent an email telling us that we had been selected to receive a code. Comprehensive instructions were given. The codes would arrive via text between 2 to 4 hours prior to the on sale time. If problems developed they would email the code to us prior to the on sale time. There was no ambiguity. There was offer and through my e-mails to TM there was acceptance.

    3. We were not sent codes. Many of us contacted TM and received no help whatsoever from what has appeared to be poorly trained staff.

    The issue is not being upset at not getting tickets. The issue is being promised the opportunity to get tickets, relying upon that promise to rearrange our lives for that opportunity and then not being sent the codes, as promised. I relied upon their promise to my detriment. If they don't attempt to mitigate their negligence through actions related to further ticketing opportunities I will seek compensation. I'm posting this in case others want to take a similar tact.

    The Springsteen corporate people are not liable but if they are reading this I would encourage them to help us. By definition of who were selected to receive the codes we are amongst your best customers in what may currently be your best market. There are other bands to follow, other merchandise to purchase. Do the right thing: cause your business partners to honour their word. If not, after thirty eight years of supporting Bruce's art I'll continue to appreciate his work but I simply will not bother any more to attempt to spend money on it. I actually do believe in many of the values Mr. Springsteen's art represents, integrity being the foremost one.  I also believe in actions, not words.

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  13. 3 minutes ago, JoanFontaine said:

    BRAVO!  How did the reporter find you, if I might ask? 

    (And thanks for not telling her your pet theory! )

    Tweets...which you gave me the idea for. :) Just PM'd you: thanks for your suggestion.

    After a day of dealing with TM it was nice to speak to a coherent, intelligent woman. Of course, if she uses my quotes I never again will be sold a ticket to any event by TM. :)

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  14. Hey guys,

    I just had an interview with the Wall Street Journal about the cluster today. Nice reporter. She'd like to speak to someone who actually got tickets. I've reached out to a few but if anyone else would like to speak with her please reach out, PM me,  and I'll give you her email and phone number. Very happy for all the Lakers who got in!

    I tried to be restrained. I didn't tell her my pet theory, which is that after the Three Stooges TV contract ran out they started a ticket company and continue to run it from the great beyond.


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  15. My experiences today with TM customer service:

    14:39: "It doesn't appear you were selected to be a Verified fan"

    18:10. "We have checked our database and do not see that you were sent a code. Have you received it?"

    18:16 "Registering does not guarantee you will receive a code" "not all are picked to receive a code as the same happens in the U.S." (on top of an email that included the "you are selected" email from yesterday.

    I'm just going to send TM an "Intent To Sue Notice" and maybe that will get someone's attention. I lost wages today based upon TM's promise to send me a code and my choice to reply upon that promise and not go to work. Can't wait to show the judge these admissions a code was not sent after I was promised one.


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