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  1. 7 minutes ago, Rory 7 said:

    Really bad by Ticketmaster. Unless they are going to pull a rabbit out of the hat and have a certain few kept by for international buyers? I'm reaching here. Its 5pm where I am and I have literally been up all day on tender hooks. As the time approach and the code didn't appear I knew there was a problem. This morning I was elated with my 'selected' mail. Now I just feel like never going to another gig. Never thought I'd say that but...

    It appears it was a two part process: 1. Verify and 2. Take those who the algorithm suggested deserve to be "selected" and put them in the code contact list. When the program doing the code contact list found a non US number it was tossed. I can confirm that my number, at least, is not shown on the code send list. As no attempt was made to call it it also didn't make it to the email list.

    I totally feel the same way about future gigs. It's been three decades of this crap. This summer I've gone to a few U2 shows in both the States and Europe and the way they treat their hard core, the GA lines etc. is night and day different compared to Bruce Inc. Credit card entry plus ID check, used by U2 for GA's in many places, eliminates the need for codes and treats everyone equally. Here we have the ticket getters, the code but no tickets, the code invites but no code and the invite less people. Ridiculous.

    Nothing like a Bruce show, its 30 plus years of my life, but if they don't respond to this mess he should just play in the States. If we aren't worthy of this show then I'm done being a bank for European stadium shows. The US gets The River and Broadway in small venues, we get Sunny Day and greatest hits in football stadiums. We also generate more money for them or did.

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  2. 1 minute ago, elevenmonths said:

    I feel insulted.

    I understand the economics of supply and demand.

    I've been shut out before and know how that pain feels. 

    I've seen plenty of shows before, and will again hopefully.

    I understand the man is entitled to choose how he shares his poetry with us.

    I'm happy for everyone who got tickets today.

    But ..... the price of tickets on offer,

    ....... the Fan Verification system appearing to have some inbuilt bias,

    .......the crude expediency of Stub Hub.

    I feel insulted.



    1 minute ago, Vale46 said:

    That's the difference, WE did get selected and told verified, then told could not be verified due to being outside US/Canada

    Actually we WERE verified. They ran us through the system, saw we had purchased before but...they couldn't process our phone numbers. So we were verified, promised codes, even promised codes by email if the phone didn't work...but were ditched by the road side. I'm sure I'm not the only one who missed a day of work after getting the email yesterday. I doubt I have a strong case but I am going to drag TM's ass into court here in the UK. My address and phone numbers are all UK...they marketed this to me here, have an affiliate here, they are going to be sued here.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Vale46 said:

    yes, uk

    Same here. Contacted TM and got this:

    Hi Edward,

    Thank you so much for reaching out to us regarding this matter and I'm sorry to hear that you've yet to receive your code. 

    Utilizing the phone number you provided us, it doesn't seem you were selected to be a Verified Fan. I do apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.


    No change of phone number.

    They simply didn't send us codes because their system obviously couldn't process our numbers.

  4. Rome was history. It was intense, beautiful, breathtaking.

    Limerick was relaxed, playful, yet had a political undertone.

    Bruce was alive tonight. Stories were back. Jokes were plentiful. He had all sorts of excess energy. He was amazing.

    Weather - perfect - played a role as did the generally laid back audience.

    Personal favorite was Jack of All Trades, but so many highlights it's hard to chose.

    I feel like I'm the luckiest guy in the world to be experiencing all of this.

  5. I can definitely confirm the above. They are actually quite open about the possibility of a drop.

    Spoken for, yes, but, at least in part, distributed no. The only reason that matters would be one would expect an increase in supply to relatively disinterested parties would lead to increased supply on the secondary market and decreased prices. In reality, who knows? The more I hear about Cardiff the more excited I am about that show anyway...

  6. I went to the arena today. Forget the boxes - suited up, American accent, I figured let's see where that got me. Nowhere. Not available for a single show, at least for now.

    Those who have been preaching Eventim seem to be correct. No info about drops but if they come from the arena that's where they are headed. Or so I'm told.

    Called my two members of the Council today. Reached one. They expect to personally get tickets which, clams my Councilor, she has already promised a constituent. What I think is important here is she does not yet have her ticket(s). Obviously if there are a number of tickets still to be released to rather disinterested parties the secondary market may experience an increase in tickets and a price reduction.

    No great hope. I reacted to today by buying tickets for Rome. Still, I now plan on stopping off daily asking if anything is available on the theory if I'm enough of a pain they'll give me something to go away. Not likely but...

  7. I have a phone mailing list that will let people know when there is a drop. Subject to me being around. Normally am very early.

    Hi Kevin,

    thanks for this! Forgive the thickness and the low-tech-ness, but does that mean that you'll email people on the list from your mobile phone, or that you'll text them (in which case you need my mobile number)?

    And Turkued - that's so kind of you! I'm in Oxford, so the chances of me getting up there without a ticket are nil... Also, I'll be away for a few days with no access to internet (my mobile is, like me, low-tech and non-3G), so a bit panicky about a drop happening while I'm away..

    Turkued, I think you could definitely approach your city councillors and raise the issue of touts and the injustice of it all, how these parasites are basically blackmailing people and excluding those who can't pay those exorbitant, exploitative prices, and all without doing an honest day's work, and ask them to help. Not sure what they can do, but worth raising it with them. They may think there's a handful of votes in there for them if they return the tickets and allow them to be sold at face value. Anybody got any ideas on this?

    I'll make some calls. You were so nice in your post, if I get something somehow I'll pm you.

    Something is not right about what is going on here. There should be more seats on the secondary market. I know a few people here in Leeds going to the show for whom The River would be a revelation. A cashier at my local Waitrose is one such person. They are going for first night at the arena. It's going to be a strange crowd mix.

    If there were actually 13,500 tickets out there you would have more than twenty on the commercial secondary sites. I'm spending most of what I have to go around the UK and parts of Europe because we know this can't go on forever. I want to suck this all in - his music is why I took off and explored the world. I would never sell a ticket, but I have to believe the first nighters would...they can go to Elton John second night and bank a months rent. With the current price points there should be more tickets.

    I have lived in over two dozen cities in about a dozen countries in my life. Leeds is the most corrupt city I have ever lived in. I'm thinking the rumours I've heard are right: lots of VIP seats not yet distributed. I'll leave it to others here to figure out whether that 1) is a possibility and 2) if so, what it means.

    Believe me, I'm getting ready for Paris, Rome, the UK...and I pass the arena knowing there are seats there, and knowing this could be a very special night if the right people get in. I have to do some stuff tomorrow that requires a suit. Let me hit the arena in a nice suit, American accent and see if that helps :)

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  8. Kev, long time lurker living in Leeds. Originally from Boston. Was at the three shows last week, will be in Paris, HRC, Cardiff, Kilkenny etc. Don't want to take away a seat from someone for whom this is their only chance to see a show but, of course, want to go...

    I walk by the arena twice daily. Approaches to customer service folks, nada. I just need one but I'll buy as many as I can get and distribute them here. Any way you can think that my proximately would allow me to do something, anything, to acquire tix for folks? I'll figure a way to get in, living so close helps, but obviously those coming from further away can't just show up on speculation. I'm impressed with your telephone effort: anything you can suggest I can do on the ground I'd be happy to try.

    Have heard rumours that, being opening night and all for the arena, the nice folks in government will be given a fair number of tickets. Think it's worth trying to hit up my Council rep? Anyone else? I've lived in the UK for a decade but I still don't understand local government too well.

    Thx for all your advice.