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  1. The encore was very emotional. I do remember that Bobby Jean with Bruce and Patti both together pointing and looking out to the crowd & both seemed absorbed with taken the moment in.
  2. I will never forget that feeling of seeing Bruce for the first time walk out onto the stage by himself to perform "The Ghost of Old Tom Joad". This was Coventry 2013. It was such a perfect opening song for seeing Springsteen for the first time, just Springsteen and an acoustic guitar. Thanks for reminding me about the Wembley gig being three years ago. That was my third gig out of four for that 2016 River tour. I will never forget hearing "Candy's Room", "Be True" and "American Skin (41 Shots)" from that Wembley gig. Still to this day, I do not if that opening song work or not but it was a nice surprise and it certainly had a charm to it.
  3. Just bought a ticket to see Little Steven again in Cardiff at the end of August! Cannot stop thinking about the Bristol gig.
  4. I also looked for you but did not see you. I was on the front rail directly facing the backing singers. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the night and are now converted. Yes, brilliant picture!
  5. Brilliant to see that you use this forum! It was also good to speak to you and thanks so much for taking my picture with Steve, it turned out great. Enjoy tomorrow night and yes, I will see you further on up the road. Plus, I will listen to Lucinda Williams album "Car Wheels On A Gravel Road".
  6. Last night show in Bristol was so great. It was my third time seeing Steve and it was the best I have ever seen him. Cannot believe how different the show was compared to the last time he was in Bristol, only a year and half ago. Not only with the new setlist but the overall feel and concept of the show. Even if you are not a huge fan of his new album, hearing the songs live are something else. The performance of the title track "Summer Of Sorcery" was sublime, certainly one of the many highlights of the evening. On a side note, Steve was very generous with his time for fans who waited after the gig to meet him. I was lucky to get the setlist signed and have a photo with him. Overall, a wonderful night.
  7. I have just bought the album collection vol 1 on CD and notice with my copy there is no lyric sheet for The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle. The rest of the albums either have a lyric sheet inside the album or the lyrics are printed onto the album. Is that the same for everyone with their copy of Wiess or should mine come with a lyric sheet?
  8. Sydney 02/19/14. Great to hear Darkness On The Edge Of Town in full and Bruce does a great cover of "Friday On My Mind". Edit: I have finished listening to this show and I got to mention the other brilliant cover of "Don't Change" and it was nice to hear an acoustic version of "Surprise, Surprise". Also, I really like it when Springsteen ends concerts with "Dream Baby Dream".
  9. One of the best live versions of New York City Serenade I have ever heard.
  10. I have just finished listening to this concert for the first time and I am so impressed. A great version of "Tokyo", "You Never Can Tell" and I love how jazzy "Spirit In The Night" is. I have only heard one other show from 1974 but I really like hearing the differences in the playing and atmospheres in these shows compared to other concerts from different periods.
  11. I do not expect the BITUSA box set to be released any time soon because of the River box set only just coming out over a year ago and are they going to produce a Nebraska box set first? I have been listening to some of the BITUSA outtakes recently and I am so impressed with the amount of quality BITUSA outtakes there are. The Unsatisfied Heart - BITUSA Outtakes collection is great. Check it out on YouTube.
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