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  1. I have just bought the album collection vol 1 on CD and notice with my copy there is no lyric sheet for The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle. The rest of the albums either have a lyric sheet inside the album or the lyrics are printed onto the album. Is that the same for everyone with their copy of Wiess or should mine come with a lyric sheet?
  2. Sydney 02/19/14. Great to hear Darkness On The Edge Of Town in full and Bruce does a great cover of "Friday On My Mind". Edit: I have finished listening to this show and I got to mention the other brilliant cover of "Don't Change" and it was nice to hear an acoustic version of "Surprise, Surprise". Also, I really like it when Springsteen ends concerts with "Dream Baby Dream".
  3. One of the best live versions of New York City Serenade I have ever heard.
  4. I have just finished listening to this concert for the first time and I am so impressed. A great version of "Tokyo", "You Never Can Tell" and I love how jazzy "Spirit In The Night" is. I have only heard one other show from 1974 but I really like hearing the differences in the playing and atmospheres in these shows compared to other concerts from different periods.
  5. I do not expect the BITUSA box set to be released any time soon because of the River box set only just coming out over a year ago and are they going to produce a Nebraska box set first? I have been listening to some of the BITUSA outtakes recently and I am so impressed with the amount of quality BITUSA outtakes there are. The Unsatisfied Heart - BITUSA Outtakes collection is great. Check it out on YouTube.
  6. I have never seen this photo before. It shows Bruce has always liked colourful vests.
  7. I understand what you are saying because I am 17. I am very grateful that Bruce at the age of 64 is going very strong and relevant for young people as well. People around my age can be into bands like the Rolling Stones but can only really look back at their history and say 'I wish I was there at that time' with Bruce we still can go to shows knowing that has standards has not drop very much from 70s and be satisfied with this period of Bruce. With bands like Rolling Stones people are going to see them for a nostalgic act but with Bruce I am going there because he still puts amazing concerts on and not just for his 70s and 80s music. I also love discovering new songs as well and it shows how brilliant Bruce is as a songwriter. (Sorry for single out Rolling Stones but they fit the into the example)
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