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  1. If anyone in the UK has Sky News on their tablet or PC have a look at todays news and the article about Jessica and the Olympics. That picture must be in the running for Sports picture of the year, The look in her eyes and same with the horse is perfect concentration, Thats how you win medals. If anyone could post the pic on here I would be very grateful
  2. The London Evening Standard is tonight reporting Springsteen at the London Palladium during December. He's playing Widow Twanky in the Christmas pantomine
  3. It's quite sweet when also rans try to copy what those at the top table are saying, coat-tailing is one way of trying to contribute I suppose.
  4. Like Parliament I'll completely ignore you
  5. I like this forum , you can say what ever you like and most people even if they don't agree with you don't resort to personal attacks Until now , Firstly the Krankie who has to put his bitter views on every reply and then the benefit claiming geordie whos still hiding under the stairs in case of a terror attack .Grow up ........
  6. I'm not quite at the white stick & guide dog stage but the sight is pretty bad , bold fonts ensure I don't make too many typos .
  7. The only streak in my personality is the one that says Why shop at Harrods when I can get the same product at Aldi
  8. You are never ever ever going to beat these people .They have been around a long time before you started going to concerts and will be here a long time after you have gone to that big gig in the sky. The problems start at the top , above the artist , the managers .Why sell a ticket for £ 10 when I can sell it for £ 100 .These manager aren't Millionaires , their Billionaires and you don't there by taking 10% of your boys earnings. I've banged on about this for a few years on here .I think I started a thread with Ticket touts are my best friends .You have to use the system , you buy the tickets they can't sell . I have bought perhaps hundreds of pounds of ticket from touts , every ticket they made a loss on . I've stood at concerts laughing at these people sat on their high horses in seats nearer the moon than the stage because they would not deal with touts. Your always going to get punters buying over priced tickets , money no object , good luck to them its their money and again your never going to stop that Be a bottom of the tank feeder , grab that £150 ticket for £ 20 , that will happen if you play your cards right.
  9. New post on its way , thanks for reading the post , Best wishes PK

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