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  1. With ten overs left, Bangladesh need a miracle (and ten runs per over) with six wickets remaining.

    Perhaps cricket could become Scotland's national game and take some of the pressure off the football team?

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  2. Scotland off to a rip-roaring start, reducing Bangladesh to 18-2 but Bangladesh steadied and are more than a third of the way to the target with only a quarter of their overs used (plus no further wickets lost)

    Edit: someone can't count - Bangladesh were halfway through their allotted overs at that point so much closer than I thought. It's Scotland's game to win.

  3. Scotland's cricketers (do not adjust your set, that is correct) putting on a decent show against a Test nation (Bangladesh) in the T20.

    After a tricky start, it looks like Scotland will get to about 140 so, with a strong opening from their bowlers, they could be in with a chance. Imagine the singing and dancing in the streets of Auchtermuchty if they win!

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  4. When the BBC's main Man U fan Phil McNulty starts questioning OGS' suitability for the job, things look bleak for the Baby-faced Assassin.

    If past form is anything to go by, Man U will get a win in Europe and an improbable victory against Liverpool to keep Ole at the wheel for another couple of months until the next string of disappointing results and it all starts again.

  5. An interesting day yesterday with Rangers conceding a last-minute equaliser to keep the top 5 teams within 5 points of each other. It must be quite a while since that happened at this stage of the season.

    Celtic starting to move in the right direction and up to fourth place.

    Another defeat for Aberdeen. Relegation battle in store for them?

  6. On 10/10/2021 at 2:56 PM, Eileen said:

    Should I read his books from the start or wouldn't it matter?

    You don't need to read the others before trying this - the references are of incidental interest (one character being the great-great-whatever grandson of a character in a previous book and although there's a bit of a connection it's not necessary to have read the other book).

    I still think Cloud Atlas is his best but I read it a long time ago. 

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  7. After 21 consecutive victories going back 9 years in home qualifiers, England play out a dull draw with Hungary. Harry Kane looked like it was the first time he'd been on a pitch and the usually reliable Kyle Walker was poor. The rest were just bleh.

    Scotland tried to upstage England by coming within five minutes of their worst ever result but a late goal against the postmen, bank clerks and whale-slaughterers of the Faroe Islands spared their blushes and keep them on course for the playoffs.

    In the battle of the minnows, Andorra beat San Marino 3-0.

    Elsewhere, results went according to form so the usual suspects looking ok for qualification.

  8. Another set of matches this evening.

    England just need to avoid an embarrassing defeat at home to Hungary to all but guarantee qualification given who their final games are against.

    Despite Scotland's managers pessimistic tone in the build-up, they should get a hatful against the Faroese and leave their fate (in terms of getting into the playoffs) in their own hands. I don't know who they get in the playoffs - is it just by confederation so another European team or is it a bit more interesting and they might get Australia or Columbia or whoever?

    Wales just did enough to keep themselves in with a shout. 

    Germany back on form and looking like comfortable group winners now they've hit their stride which wasn't the case before the summer when it seemed as if North Macedonia might upstage them.

  9. 6 hours ago, Rizla said:

    I've "looked inside" on Amazon. My heart sank immediately on seeing that this book is written in the present tense. :angry:


    Nearly every new novel I've picked up in recent years makes use of this affectation.   WHY?  I want to be told a story, I don't want to be made to feel that I'm standing in the corner watching the characters like a film extra.  Hope this is just a fad and it goes out of fashion soon.

    Hmm. That's the kind of thing that goes right over my head. I read the book and didn't notice the tense. Why would I? I was immersed in the story. I wasn't going to write a dissertation on it.

    I don't have any kind of answer to that level of criticism other than that it would seem to preclude you from reading a fair amount of books - possibly a good thing given the amount of dross published these days. Give this one a go, it's enjoyable.

  10. Nostradamus strikes again!

    Scotland finally bury their Israeli hoo-doo (that can't be the right spelling) in Fergie time and England pop in five goals when I say six is expected but four is the actual tally.

    MBS gissa job?

  11. Utopia Avenue by David Mitchell.

    The main story is about the rise of a late-60s band and is very good although there are some clunky scene-setting references to numerous celebs of the day.

    What I didn't like was the insertion of a secondary story (the author probably thinks it's the main point of the book) about incorporeal beings traveling through time and space in different hosts or some such gibberish. He's made this a part of a few of his books and it's getting tired. Luckily, it doesn't take up too much of the book.

    Overall, I'd definitely recommend it.


  12. Another round of fixtures currently going on.

    A respectable draw for Wales against the Czech Republic - including a howler by the Welsh keeper which they came back from and levelled.

    No excitements in Friday's other fixtures. The most interesting Saturday game is Scotland v Israel. Five/ten years ago, Scotland would go into this game needing to win but wouldn't manage it. Israel seem to have been a bit of a bogey team for Scotland. This time, both teams are on a (short) winning streak and a big crowd is allowed so Scotland should win it.

    The only interesting thing about the England game with Andorra is how many England score or if Andorra manage to get a goal. England should be looking to get six but I suspect they'll only get four and there will be game time for fringe players once they've got a couple of goals.

  13. 7 minutes ago, doesthisbusstop said:

    Agreed. And it will be an issue for others too. The Tyneside wind chill factor is something no money can eradicate. :ph34r:

    Nah, the big-money signings could be like Michael Owen and helicopter in each day from the semi-tropical splendour of...err...Cheshire.

  14. A couple of other comments.

    Despite its length, when it reached the end I had a few "but why is X doing that?" or "What about the time between Y and Z, what happened then?" 

    There's one character who only appears in one section whose traits seemed to have been crowbarred in to up the laugh levels (there is a comedy character who appears throughout) and, although they were good, their presence was jarring. Better suited to a spoof spy film. I suspect Phoebe Waller-Bridge wrote the part as it's very her.

  15. It looks like the Ashes will go ahead in Australia but it's going to be very different/meaningless without any away supporters allowed into the country and I expect a few players won't make the journey.

    The only thing preventing a 5-0 to Australia is the weather (or crocodiles).

  16. Watched it this evening - bum-numbing cinema seat made it slightly uncomfortable but the film itself didn't seem long and I thought it was very good. A fitting finale to Daniel Craig's time as Bond.

    It had touches of Roger Moore era Bond films with the villain's lair, costumes etc.

    I'm not going to include any spoilers! 

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  17. It'll be interesting to see how the club develops over the next, say, five years. It'll take some time for any real impact but there'll be no excuses for not pushing for a European place by then. Not long after that, they should be Champions League regulars.

    I expect that Steve Bruce won't be bothering to buy a new Christmas jumper for the staff party!

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  18. Just when it looked like Newcastle would drop out of the top division and back into obscurity, the Saudi deal may come back to life. The dispute over piracy of football broadcasts in the Middle East seems to have been settled possibly clearing the way for a takeover. It'll be interesting to see how football clubs are valued in the post-pandemic economy. Surely, the presence of Steve Bruce must add millions to the value?



  19. Finally booked tickets (one step closer to actually watching it!) for Friday. The cinema with reclining seats was fairly busy - all the central seats taken - so we're going to the out of town place which was less than half the price.

    Re-watched most of Spectre last night - enjoying it but kept thinking "wasn't that bit in Casino Royale? or this lair looks like the one in Quantum of Solace"

    An aside, the cinema we're going to is always empty. I've been weekends/daytime/evenings/school holidays and there's never anyone there. It's an Odeon and is dirt cheap so how does it stay in business? Even if everyone there bought food and drink they'd still only be bringing in a few thousand £ per day on their best day and this is a huge multiplex.

    If you think James Bond is gratuitously violent, steer clear of John Wick - it has 80s levels of bloodshed but with modern FX so is horribly realistic. It's awful.

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