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  1. Not yet. Planning to watch Spectre tonight (watched Skyfall a few days ago) to remind myself of the story - although I don't think there's too much to catch up on - and watch the new one later this week.
  2. It does seem unlikely that both Celtic and Rangers will be below par at the same time and for long enough that anyone else gets to challenge them but it would be good to see. Who would have thought that at the end of September there would be two unbeaten teams but they were both from Edinburgh not Glasgow? Even though the big two clubs won most things in the 80s, I still remember Aberdeen and the Dundee clubs putting in a challenge.
  3. By the guy who did the Sixth Sense (which may well be his last good film!). It was ok-ish but had less to it than an episode of Lost. The way that attempts to escape the mysterious beach were dealt with were terrible - like a Scooby Doo "screen goes wavy" transition. If only the kids had agreed to watch Rachel's Favourite Film. No, not that one, her real favourite. We recently watched the Sixth Sense for the first time in twenty years and I swear that the same problem was there that I thought I'd spotted in the cinema back then - there's a scene after you know what happens where Bruce Willis isn't wearing the same clothes (SPOILER - he's a ghost and one of the giveaways is that he's always dressed the same except I'm sure he's not in one scene.)
  4. I don't know what TV income the league has but I expect it's pretty low so the Glasgow clubs with their huge fanbases/match day income are always likely to dominate so it's good to see a bit of a shake-up.
  5. Wow. To illustrate just how badly things had gone wrong at Celtic - today's away win was their first in the league since February This is a team that (before last season) had won 9 championships in a row.
  6. Although Glasgow Rangers look like they'll be top of the league when today's games end, there's been a bit of a challenge from the Edinburgh clubs (Hearts and Hibs) in the first few weeks of the season so maybe a more interesting season than usual is in store? (I don't think any team other than Celtic/Rangers has won the league for more than thirty years?!) Of the traditional challengers, Aberdeen continue to disappoint. With the local oil/offshore wind wealth and a decent population, you'd think the city would have a better team but their 1 point per game average would be relegation material in England. It's too late now but Fergie should have gone back in some capacity after he retired at Man U.
  7. Just as Warks were wrapping up victory in England's summer game, I ate my first mince pie of the winter. Both events were outside their natural time-frames!
  8. A mixed night for British teams in the Europa League: Rangers and Leicester narrowly beaten, Celtic were spanked at home but West Ham had a decent win against Rapid Vienna. Lyon and PSV had convincing wins. Tottenham had the biggest win of the night, 5-1, but it was in the Conference so who cares?
  9. Incredibly, cricket is still being played in England. I think there are 3 days to go in the county championship trophy final which will take it into October. It's still dark at 7AM and dark again by 7PM - it's supposed to be a summer game and this definitely isn't summer!
  10. Interesting results in this week's CL fixtures. A terrible week for the Spanish "giants" - Real humiliated at home by the Moldovan team and now Barca thrashed by Benfica. They can't afford to sack their manager but has he got the brass neck to stay? With both last year's finalists (Chelsea and Man City) also losing, is there a hint of change in the air? If you thought Messi would have all the attention with his first goal for PSG you didn't count on Ronaldo getting the winner five minutes into Fergie time.
  11. With Barcelona teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and Real losing at home to the third best team in Moldova, who could possibly deny that La Liga is the best league in the world?
  12. I only watched the second half of the PSG game and it looked like Man City were the home team but who got caught out on the counter. Lots of possession but their best hope of scoring looked to be courtesy of the PSG keeper who flapped at a few balls. The big result of the night was Real being beaten at home by the team currently third in that powerhouse league......Moldova!
  13. There's a bit of an end of term feeling to the final England/NZ women's ODI as England reach 347-5. NZ yet to bat.
  14. I think the kindest thing to say about Bruno Fernandes' penalty is that the keeper got nowhere near it
  15. I read that recently but it now all seems so long ago and all the revelations had been discussed at length when it was published. Interesting how some of the early gaffes and crises seem like small beer compared to what happened next then next then... I saw his niece's book in the library this week but didn't get it. Maybe next time.
  16. A fun read which I got through in two days although the various "reveals" and twists at the end are a bit far-fetched and there were a few obvious inconsistencies. The only other thriller/whodunnit that I've read recently had a similar structure - a couple of chapters from one character's perspective in one time-frame ("Clare - Now") then switch to another character in a different time-frame ("Dave - three days ago") and repeat. At least the headings make it easier to follow than a Christopher Nolan film!
  17. Huh? England won. Being against NZ, there had to be a complicated ending - English batter stumped but it was off a wide which gave the winning run.
  18. The required run-rate edges up past 6 an over (England have been averaging less than 5) so it looks like the series goes to the fifth and final game.
  19. With 13 overs left, England have plenty of wickets in hand but aren't scoring quickly enough. Time to take some risks...
  20. In the latest ODI, NZ set England a difficult target to win the series - 245.
  21. With two more matches to play, there'll be mince pies in the shops before New Zealand go home! The weather is pretty good down here in southern England this year but it's a bit of a gamble scheduling matches for mid-late September.
  22. Looking like NZ will do it - if they lose from their current position (need 14 from 5 overs) it'll be catastrophic.
  23. Can NZ keep the series against England alive with a perfectly achievable 179 or will they throw it away like in the last match?
  24. Needing to win your final group match to qualify for the knockout stages?
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